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    I dont know why i havent posted this earlier but i have been using Zygor for more then 2 years now and i simply love it! Worth every penny i paid for it.
    Speeds up leveling process and makes it pain free. And when your max level fun is not over and Zygor will help you every step of the way whether its Reputation grind, daily quests or achievements its brilliant.
    Since Blizzard now wants us to do Pathfinder achievements to get our flying in every expansion it adds even more value to Zygor i highly recommend it.

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    Glad to hear that the guides have been a help.
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    I totally agree with all this!
    I make videos on youtube! Check em out, gaming videos mostly, and got my video testimonials for zygor stuff there!

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    Yes indeed, the guides provided by zygor have definitely made playing this game so much more enjoyable.

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