The section on the ground mount area is just well messy. There is a section that has unavailable mounts. well why not use take this out? the mess would be gone.

In legion you had a section for legion mounts and sub directories on how to get to them now. So Why can't it be the same for BfA section...and you click it and has all the mounts on the ground and where they can be found. This guide has become just wasteful. It needs a little love put into it and not the just throw somethings together and bam..jobdone..

There are still alot of achievement points in the game that when i pull it up, i don't see the Z to click on it. example : the acheivement on Paku'ai. Using the totems to fly 6 different times. in 1mins.

or How to Ptrain your help with zygor....AND i cant even find that one in the ground mount section.

The first 10 weeks of the game have been just kinda whatever but Zygor guide doesn't not have be that way.

The guide was better put together in wraith,cata,panda,Legion than it has been now. And like my thoughts of unsubbing WoW are the same with Zygor. Please.fix it