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    Post Low level Dranea guide

    LEVEL 20ish completing Azurmyst Isle quest line.

    When switching from Exodar quest guide to darkshore guide, the gps always goes to stormwind to stranglevale.

    Have to go back to Exodar and then take the portal (used to be ship, but it is "under repairs" LOL) to darnassus then swim across SE to darkshore (will most likely die of fatigue but will rez in dark shore grave yard)

    Not sure if there is a safe way to get to darkshore, but the guide does not do this.

    but once there, get the fp on teldrassil up the hill.
    then swim SE to darkshore (water mount works well)
    guide will kick back in...
    turn in quest and accept the "THE LAST WAVE OF SURVIVORS"

    then grab the fp on the dock (guide does not have this)

    rest is fine so far
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    If there is no boat or teleport from the small Rut'theran Village over to Darkshore that would be why it's not trying to route you there.
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