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    Trying to renew, error updating account info

    When I tried to renew for another month, I chose the PayPal option and was taken to their site where the transaction was completed and then brought back to your site where is says the PayPal auth was auccessful and that I can now proceed with filling out the rest of my billing information.

    When I fill out the name and address and press submit, I get an error that says

    Your request has failed.
    -- error message goes here --

    I tried this on two different credit cards linked to PayPal and I am verified with each on PayPal. This is how I originally renewed and it worked but now it is not and the error is not helpful in figuring out why.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There has always been an issue with trying to start a PayPal agreement on an already active subscription. It seems to only work when it's being linked when starting a new subscription.

    Your two options right now would be to either wait until the system terminates the current sub in a few days and then start a new sub with PayPal or try to add a credit card for the system to use to renew the current sub.
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    OK. I will let it expire and resub in a few days. Thank you for the prompt reply.

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    That worked. Thank you.

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