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    February 2nd, 2018

    This is the 2nd toon now, Quest log full ( Anti venom hinterlands)

    I had to abandon raptor mastery, which i will grab later.
    But you guys need to double check this. This is the 2nd toon i have gone to this exact same quest and my quest log is full. Following every single step in guide.

    Hinterlands click Anti-venom bottle.

    THEN right after an escort quest.... Had to abandon chicken escort quest that was complete from feralas.
    You guys should double check the guide, and have us turn in like 5 quests before going to hinterlands.

    ALSO side note. Can you add some steps in the guide like Put these Quest items in the bank you dont need them right now. And okay go to bank get out these quest items you need them now. Bags and Quest log so full by hunterlands.

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    Exact same thing here.

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    1 week and no reply? Just bought guide today....

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    February 2nd, 2018
    They dont like to hear that stuff is broken and would rather blame the user. Wife got to this same quest. and had to drop the raptor quest from STV. She didnt get the oox beacons so her log wasnt as full. Its def broke. But my posts seem to be on ignore, when i ask for fixes or QOL changes

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    We didn't run into this issue during internal testing, make sure you didn't accidentally accept an extra quest somewhere earlier in the guide.
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    No, it's happening to me too. I've come to turn in quests early, as before I leave the area when Zygor tells me time to go to the next guide so that my quest log doesn't fill up. I don't accept any quests but the ones Zygor tells me to, but when it comes time to "turn in" those quests, Zygor just says, "Already turned in" and has me talk to the quest giver to accept the next quest in the guide. (As if I just turned in the quest when Zygor told me to)

    I always wondered why Zygor had me complete a quest and not turn it in right away. I've actually lost XP because I did the quest when it was yellow, but by the time Zygor had me go back to that area, it was green and in one case, grey. Which is the second reason why I turn the quests in as they're completed, before Zygor directs me to turn them in.

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    happens all the time. You follow the guide and go to the quest giver who gives you the quest, then it sends you to another and log full even though the quest tells you to pick up the quests and you find its RED or Yellow qst and your log is full

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    I'm general I feel Z is keeping some quests too long instead of delivering, or you have undone quests, which are intended for later, but you end up with a very full questlog, and a LOT of quest items in the bag.

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