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    Quest items needed on Tooltip in Classic

    I love a section in the tooltip that shows how many things you've collected/killed etc as you go. Very handy and since the only way in Zygor is to go into options and change view steps to more than 1 (default) which make steps show in an almost transparent way with no adjustment for opaqueness.

    Tiptac addon in retail (not Classic sadly) had this and so does a current competitor WoW guide. I can't tell you how handy it is to see what mobs/items you are NOT working on should be killed/collected as you go without having to go into quest log to remember.

    Its a great feature and I prefer the Zygor guide to others but for QOL it would be a great addition.

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    I would like to expand on this. I am current in the Searing Gorge guide (horde). I was supposed to get 15 Silk Cloth in a previous guide which I got. However I forgot that and auctioned them! Now in Searing Gorge I needed the cloth.

    I would like to see, either in the tooltip or in a popup window exactly which items I need to keep in my bags and should not be vendored or auctioned off.

    I think this is an issue specific to Classic as I don't think there is the same problems in retail.

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