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    I know you can do it, especially since this is a paid service. How else would be gathering their data? I know it's possible and I know at least an update on the matter is possible in four weeks time. I really like the service you've made here and the way you have presented it and I would love to continue being a subscriber but if you're going to charge for what you have going on here I think everyone would appreciate some sort of clarification. I have read the other threads regarding this same issue that have been responded to and need to know if this is something worth paying for going forward. As of now it's 7.99 for a slightly above average looking graphical interface rehash of the hundreds of guide addons you can get for absolutely free but with lots of frame sizing bugs that end up just making what few positive visual aspects about this addon seem whitetrash and lazily thrown together. Sorry for the harsh critisism but if it's the truth you've gotta hear it. Maybe for retail players this is something entirely exceptional but right now the support it has for classic should be free if not maybe a 1$.

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    We only work with Blizzard's AH API which is why this is not possible. The site you linked admits that it's not possible via the AH API which means they have a bot system setup to log into the game on every server to do a manual scan of the AH. We do not do any kind of botting as that is against the EULA and ToS.
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