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    Just run a Mac and you'll be much happier being relatively hack proof (unless you're one of these retards that DO click on links in game, emails from "blizzard" etc).

    A good piece of advice that a bliz GM gave me is to make a fresh gmail account and have it forward to your normal account (in case Blizzard sends you the occasional email update) and use ONLY this email address for WoW. The premise behind this is that even if you've used your real email on facebook and with various websites that scammers/hackers dont know your login. Aside from that just use common sense, dont click on any offers in game, dont buy gold, dont get power leveled 3rd party, dont fall for Cataclysm invites via email asking to login using the link provided.

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    Macs are far from hackproof, Safari is the probably one of the worst web browsers from a security standpoint.

    Over the years Apple has either ignored or been very slow to respond to security threats, much like Microsoft did during the 90's. The only thing that has kept Macs relatively safe over the years is their low ownership numbers, unfortunately increased popularity makes you a bigger target, especially when the idiots at an Apple store are telling people that anti-virus and malware software is not needed on a Mac. (This actually happened to me Saturday afternoon.)

    Any computer that is not a standalone is vulnerable to being hacked regardless of architecture or operating system, it's just a matter of it being profitable for the hacker to exploit the vulnerability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sibarian View Post
    | KAPT Guide version 1.21 |

    Most browsers like firefox and internet explorer show you where the link sends you, if you hover it over the link itself. Is it a link that does not exactly match the WoW official website? Then that will clue you in to how valid this email from 'blizzard' is.
    Maybe explain that to see the real link when you hover over the link, you should check in the left-down corner (right above the Start button).
    And make an example:
    What you think is the link, is actually the "name" of the link.

    Never register with your real name on e-mails that you shall use for forums, blog sites and so forth.

    Before open an e-mail, right-click on it and click 'View source code'.
    A new window will appear; press Ctrl + F and search for '@' to find an e-mail adress that's not yours.
    If you use Hotmail, then click 'View message source' in the context menu.
    Check the e-mail adress if it's the same as Blizzard's, but you should also add all Blizzard's e-mail adresses to your whitelist or contact list.
    It will make it more convenient to check if the e-mail adresses are the same.
    This goes for any emails that claim to be a well-known company.

    Recommended e-mail providers to use: Hushmail, Gmail or Yahoo (but it's filled with ads).
    Remember to always at least login once before 30 days have passed, or else your e-mail will get deleted or inactive, and have to pay for premium to get it active again.

    How to make easy rememberable passwords, but will reduce the security at some points.
    Never, ever use words, some hacking programs can detect a word almost as easy as one letter (i.g. magicbananadog is just as safe as using only the letter A).
    Use numbers and symbols in your passwords.
    F.ex. instead of using 1234, use Shift + 1234, or Alt Gr.
    Note that 1 does not have a symbol with Alt Gr.
    And maybe also use backwards, 4321.
    You can also use the 1337 language with words to make your password easier to remember.
    And if you like, a capital letter on each word.
    F.ex. $@M4g1cB4n4n4D0g!"#
    Wich would be Alt Gr + 432 in the beginning, magicbananadog in 1337 language and Shift + 1234.

    Use CCleaner to remove logs and traces in Windows.
    And remember to tick "IIS log files" in the Windows fan.

    When you shall delete files, use Eraser to overwrite them.
    Remember to not use this application for uninstalling other softwares.

    This will completely wipe everything on your hard disk, if you ever shall reformat your hard disk.

    Scans your computer for security holes.

    Scans your network for security holes.

    Test your security on your wireless network.

    Online scanners to scan individual files with several anti-virus programs.

    Recommended Firefox Addons.
    Adblock Plus:
    Web of Trust:

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    Quote Originally Posted by xzec View Post
    Could I add links from torrent sites for antiviruses, anti-spywares and firewalls, and explanations on how to install and use it?
    I would prefer those not be added. While they are out there and being used, it is still hacked and/or just plain stolen use of software.
    I would like to keep Zygor et al away from appearing to condone such activity.
    "The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas."

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    Easy tip to do is to change the email address for your account to a unique one which you only use for warcraft.

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