Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Guides Coming Soon!

by (11 months ago).

Since the release of the Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online in June a lot of customers have been asking if we’d expand our ESO leveling guides to cover the new content. We’re pleased to announce that a brand new update to our Elder Scrolls Onlines guides is currently in the final stages of development and will be releasing very soon.

This update will expand the guides to cover all the questing content in the new zone of Vvardenfell. Additionally, we’re also looking into adding missing questing content from some of the past few DLC updates.

Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Guides will be made available as part of our Zygor Elite service. If you’re already a member you’ll receive this update as part of the service at no additional cost. Otherwise, you will need to sign up for Zygor Elite in order to access this new content when it is released.

Note: These guides will be exclusive to our Zygor Elite subscription and not sold in standalone form.

14 thoughts on “Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Guides Coming Soon!

  1. Ravinandan shastri ji

    Nice post. I find out something more difficult on diverse blogs everyday. Most commonly it is stimulating to see content using their company writers and use something from their store. Iโ€™d would rather use some while using content in this little weblog no matter whether you donโ€™t mind. Natually Iโ€™ll provide you with a link on the web blog. Thank you sharing.

  2. Labe

    Pretty unhappy with this. Whether or not you think i’ve given you enough money I have given you a decent amount and purchased a number of the guides and now I have the option of paying you monthly for something that I may or may not use, or basically get told to go away. Disappointing.

    1. Anne Roy

      If you’re an Elite member, you’re not paying anything extra anyway, and if you’re not, no-one’s forcing you to buy it. Those of us who play ESO have been waiting a *long* time for an update to this guide and are very glad to finally get something, anything.

      1. Labe

        My only problem with that statement is if there was an option to buy the guide update I would. Given what was said I have NO choice but to pay them monthly. I do not find that to be an equitable arrangement. I also have been waiting for an ESO guide update for a while, but it’s just not worth paying a monthly fee to access.

        1. Ulst

          I agree Labe,
          I have not looked at WoW in years so that is a high price for just those of us that are ESO only users…
          I would be happy to give them $20 or $30 bucks for the updates to the ESO guide or if they only want to go with subscription plans $2 a month or $24 a year .

          They want $8 a month which is $96 a year… now that is a fair price for a WoW player given all the different guides and they work involved in keeping them up to date. but it is far too much for those of us the only want the ESO guide .

          Well thats my thought on the matter


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