Battle For Azeroth Guides And The State Of Beta

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Hey everyone! The beta for Battle for Azeroth is now underway and we’ve begun work updating the Zygor Guide Viewer addon and writing all new guides for the new content. While our goal is to have as much content ready for launch as possible we wanted to give you guys an update on the state of beta in relation to our work.

Right now the beta is in a rather rough state with many quest lines broken and preventing further progress. Normally this wouldn’t be too alarming if Blizzard was keeping to their usual five month beta period, but given the announced release window we’re looking at a shortened three month period. Since we’re not in communication with the folks over at Blizzard we have no idea how things are looking down the pipeline. It’s possible that in one of the upcoming patches they could fix a lot of things and it’ll be smooth sailing again. It’s also possible, although less likely, that they’ll delay the release of the game to allow for more testing.

Since we don’t know what the future holds we want to give everyone a heads up that if things don’t improve we may be limited as to what content we’ll be able to have ready at launch. Our hope and primary focus is to have the Leveling and end game questing content ready at the very least, but other guides may have to be written post release. We’ll keep everyone informed as this situation develops.

15 thoughts on “Battle For Azeroth Guides And The State Of Beta

  1. Jon Nieves

    Obviously, alot of you’s aren’t familiar with ZYGOR Guides and how they work when a major expansion comes out. The Guides ‘will not’ be ready for live when it drops. They don’t, never have, and never will, have the finished version come Live! day. it will take up to 2 weeks for things to catch up…if not more.
    I have been a ZYGOR subscriber for several years, and this is the norm. So get used to it. When Blizzard drops the Live! version, ZYGOR people will be scrambling to get the guides up and running asap, but they will NOT be ready that day. Give it a little bit of time, and things will get back to normal.

  2. Will

    Assuming since quest lines at this point are locked down and relatively no new changes coming quest wise that there shouldn’t be any delay in having this updated for release.

    1. Zygor Post author

      The content is there but we’ve run into broken quest lines that have made further progression impossible until Blizzard fixes things.

  3. Dracornis

    Legion started around the same time, looking from beta to release… and it was broken like this too.

    I could finish every region including my war campaign.. so perhaps they fixed a lot since this news came out, cause i dont understand the point :/

  4. Michael Grooms

    I appreciate the heads up as this will be the first time that I participate in a expac launch. I love the zygor guide it is such a quality of life add-on. However, I plan to not use your guide for my first character passthrough. I want to experience everything in BFA raw. I will however look to the zygor guides to get my alts up to speed as efficiently as possible.

    Also, I noticed that zygor is located in my backyard. I love supporting a local company that makes things for something that I love as much as wow. Thanks for all the hard work from Miamisburg.

  5. Jeepie

    Been using the guide since you put it out.. thru all the expansion you guys have always been on top of it.. I know the team at Zygor will always do what they can to make the guide the best it can be.. Thanks for all the years of fun and less confusing game play..


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