Efficiency Update Now Available for Horde Classic Guide

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As announced last week, the Horde Version of the Efficiency Update is now available for Zygor’s World of Warcraft: Classic guides. This restores the Horde guide back to the extremely popular and well received version of the guides used during the Vanilla days of WoW.

The biggest difference between our Day One release is that the Efficiency Update is focused on taking the most efficient route to power level your characters, and will no longer have you travel long distances to other zones in order to replace grind spots with more quests, or do extra quests in the low levels to get you much higher for later sections, both things intended to make the guides more casual friendly but which ended up making them feel less optimized.

We’re confident the new guides will feel much better now and will actually require less grinding at times as you’ll now be instructed to kill more yellow enemies than greens.

The Efficiency Update is now available in Version 1.0.20863. The Alliance version of the Efficiency Update will be made available in the next week or so.

What about the option to use both versions of the guides?

The Efficiency Update is objectively better and actually requires LESS grinding. The Day One release is a slower, less optimal guide experience and continuing with it would require us to maintain two versions of the guides and deal with double the customer support issues, all of which are resolved in the Efficiency Update. It was more immediately crucial that we get these guides updated to address the concerns, but after both Efficiency Updates are out we will add in some alternative zone guides for people who prefer this as an option. For the time being, you can still manually choose to go to these zones like Silverpine, ect. if you prefer. If you find yourself struggling with enemies later on you can also run some dungeons to get up about 2 levels higher to make this go easier.

37 thoughts on “Efficiency Update Now Available for Horde Classic Guide

  1. Vantine

    Thank you for doing what you do, Zygors.
    Personally, I cannot wait for the Alliance efficiency guide update.
    It’s been around 6 days since the Horde update had been released, is there an ETA on the Alliance update?
    Given how quickly we’re currently seeing updates, I’m greatly looking forward to future updates!

  2. John

    It sucks to be in the middle of silverpine forest quest line and now the guide no longer includes silverpine forest. I had to abandon all quests (to avoid filling up the quest log) and head back to the barrens to start at the begging of that guide. Very poor design and sudden change to introduce. Just a warning to Alliance, be prepared to have your quest lines screwed up.

  3. Ryan

    So I was questing in desolace when this change happened. How am I supposed to square the last guide with the new one? Everything’s all out of order now. Very poor experience, being forced to now go figure all of this out.

    1. Zygor Post author

      Open the guide menu and load each of the Desolace guides. Let it skip through steps until it finds steps that you haven’t done yet. You should be back on track pretty soon.

  4. Amarathe

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I didn’t get zygor to make leveling easy but rather to give me the direction of the best routes to go.
    The day one guide has so much travel and takes too long, and makes the zones & quests significantly under leveled for your actual level. (I suppose this is for the casual players who want to walk through content like the retail feel nowadays).

    The problem I have is that I want classic to be harder and to involve an element of skill whilst playing. I don’t want to be able to pull 3-5 mobs and walk through it. I want to look at a group of mobs around a campfire and think “hmmm, that’ll fuck me up if I’m not careful”.

    I think the day one guide is a solid guide for those who want an easy time of getting to 60 with little thought and a good pace – but for those of us that want a bit more of a challenge and a bit more of the classic experience, I am very pleased you are reworking the guides.

  5. Soul

    I can see how that would make 2 times the support issues. It makes sense. I was a bit nervous about the change but truth is you guides are always helpful. I appreciate you listening to the change request that started this. It’s not to say us complaining now aren’t correct as well, but doing best for the majority is really the only choice. Worst case, if I don’t like it I can unsubscribe. Thank you for your continued work!

  6. Xynzo

    Don’t use the Quest Log cleanup, was doing Desolace, picking up the quests, swimming around the shore, getting the captains log, the quest near Ethel Rethor, then decided to click clear Quest Log. It dropped all of my Quests. I’m like salt mountain right now.







  7. Blake Gladhill

    Hey I agree with most of the previous comments, there needs to be an option to choose which version of the guide we want to use. Additionally, is there any plan for profession guides or gold farming ones?

  8. Radmaska

    I agree that an option to select between Day One and Efficiency would have made more sense to give us subscribers the option based on our preferred method of play. As noted by a previous poster, I’m copying my Zygor addon folder today (for safe keeping). I also plan on not opening and updating Zygor until the option is available.

  9. Barnaba

    Yes, please make this selectable. I power-level Retail, but in Classic I’m there for the journey, too. Mankrik needs to know what happened to his wife, and I want to smell the flowers that I can sometimes fail to pluck. However, if the entire guild is ready for Ony and I need to pick up some levels fast, I’m gonna want to switch to Efficiency.

    1. Zygor Post author

      We’re having our Senior Guide Writer personally oversee the Efficiency Update to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, so because of that, only one guide can be worked on a time. Horde was chosen first because it had way more problems in the lower levels due fewer zones.

    1. Nitrous

      How is this dumb? They’re doing this because of the customers concerns that the current guides were not properly optimized for fast leveling. Why purchase a leveling guide if you don’t want to level faster? Stick to questie then lol

      1. TJ

        I’m already halfway through the guide. I prefer the current guide to grinding like crazy. I play both H and A and this has f’d my power leveling. WoWClassic and AAP are now my go to. Just cancelled our 5 family subscriptions to Zygors over this crap. You had a week to listen to your PAYING CUSTOMERS who asked you not to make this change, or at least give us the option. Nope. You decided to replace our guides 🙁

    2. Mark Engle Deardorff

      You can turn off automatic updates and complete your current questing before updating when the new version hits. No wasted questing that way. How much handholding do you guys need? I’ve been using this guide since the beginning and always expected sudden changes, so I didn’t allow auto-updating.

  10. Gopher

    Please tell me there is an option, besides skipping every update ever from now on, to not use this guide? I get the purist bs, but I personally hate grinding more than needed.

    1. Eric

      probably save off a copy of your current guides folder in the wow interface directory so you can restore back if you need/want to. I’ll probably do that until I know for sure I can chose which approach I prefer to use.

      1. Gopher

        I mean, that’ll be nice for my alt, but I hate breaking continuity, and actually enjoy traveling back and forth, though like I said last time, there are some inefficient spots of needless travel, or as I discovered last night in Desolace, a point where I was told to pick up a quest when my log was full. Mostly just needed two steps to be switched to fix, but still. I enjoy the variability in sights, so I don’t get too bored in Thousand Needles or Desolace. Please, just make it an option?

        1. CDS

          So, let me get this straight. As far as you’re concerned, the “paying customers” want only the day one launch guide, and none of those who want and requested the new “efficiency” guide are “paying customers?” Stop being a drama queen! You’ve cancelled your subscriptions? Good bye, good luck, and enjoy yourself with NO guides, although I guess you can always use Thottbot or Wowhead as I did when I started playing WoW 13-years ago!!

          Don’t forget to play nice on the playground when your mother lets you out of the house.

          BTW, I happen to be an Elite member, so I guess that means that in spite of that, I don’t qualify as a “paying customer.”


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