Important Tips and Info for Zygor’s Classic Guides

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For players new to the Vanilla/Classic experience:

Questing in WoW Classic is not as linear or as straightforward as Retail. You don’t just go to a zone, do all the quests there, then move to the next zone. There’s no level scaling. Quests have set level ranges within each zone, and sometimes there are big gaps between them. This means options for where you can go are limited, as many quests and enemies in other areas will be too high for you.

For players on PVP servers

Our guides were designed for solo PVE leveling with a focus on questing over grinding. As such, we didn’t make accommodations to avoid contested zones, and in fact, it’s not even possible to fully avoid these zones when leveling by questing. If you don’t want to deal with this we suggest not playing on a PVP server, otherwise, it just comes with the territory.

On playing during launch week:

Launch week of Wow Classic is going to be busier than normal. As such there may be wait times to complete certain quests. No, we did not write the guides to avoid every quest that might have a wait time. Things will mellow out over time and this won’t even be a factor for long.

On “speed running” vs “power leveling”:

If your goal in WoW Classic is simply to reach level 60 in the fastest time possible you’ll need to play only as certain classes (ones with a pet), avoid looting any non-quest essential items, die on purpose (taking a repair hit), avoid professions (leaving you without gold for spells/mounts), take on difficult if not impossible orange quests/mobs, and grind way more because sometimes that’s faster than questing. In other words, a “speed running” guide would not necessarily match up with a fun and enjoyable experience that works for everyone. We aimed to create guides that work for all classes, that prefer traveling to where there are more quests over staying put and grinding, and that assume you’ll want to work on professions while you play – all while still providing a very fast and optimized path. We call this “power leveling”. Additionally, with the in-game factor (never having to alt tab, having an arrow point you exactly where to go, ect.), you should find that you’re leveling much faster with a guide than without.

How to use the guides with characters that were partially leveled without a guide:

It’s important to get “in sync” with the guide to work properly. To get in sync, load the guide closest to your characters level and allow the Smart Injection System to skip through the steps until you find the first red incomplete quest related step (not a flight path or hearthstone step) you can do. Continue this process until you’re back in line with the guide again. This may mean doing lower level quests or having to travel around a bit, but once you get in sync things should be smooth sailing from that point on.

Notes on doing other activities outside of leveling:

WoW Classic is much more rigid and doesn’t offer the level of freedom as Retail to go off and do miscellaneous activities, at least when using a Leveling guide. This is mostly because quests are deeply chained together so that if you skip some quests at a prior point you won’t be able to pick up quests at a later point until you go back and do the earlier part of the chain.  For this reason, you need to follow the guide step by step and if you decide to go off and run dungeons or do dungeon quests just know that you will get out of sync and may need to take the time to get back in sync again. See the info in the previous section on how to get “in sync”.

General tips

  • Grinding is an inevitable part of the game, but if you deliberately avoid enemies while running around it will increase how much grinding you’ll have to do later. So make sure to kill enemies as you move to your next destination to avoid having to grind as much later.
  • It is perfectly fine to grind on green mobs because you can kill them very quickly and the XP is only slightly less per mob. Also, in WoW Classic, green quests yield just as much as XP as yellow/orange/red quests.
  • Different classes level at different speeds because they are able to kill faster, take on more enemies at once, and handle harder mobs. Comparing your speed to other players is essentially pointless for this and many other reasons. If speed is your number one concern then you should play as a Hunter.

Below you will find some commentary on the writing decisions made in the guide.

Horde Guides

13-30 Main Leveling

In the late 20s and 30s of the Horde side you have to take on quests with mobs that are 3-4 times higher level than you are, regularly, and escort quests through high level mobs. This is difficult even with a Hunter, and next to impossible for other classes. For this reason, our guides include a lot of extra quests from 13-30 in order to get you 3 levels higher before having to do these things.

12-20 Horde Guide: Barrens to Silverpine Questing

On the Alliance side, they have 3 zones in the level 12-20 range – Westfall, Loch Modan, and Darkshore. It’s possible to hit all 3 to do some quests, and it feels good overall. But the Horde only have 2 zones in the 12-20 range – The Barrens and Silverpine Forest. These zones are very far away from each other, but if you don’t hit both for quests, you’re left with only 1 Horde zone in the 12-20 range, versus the Alliance’s 3 zones. Just having 2 zones instead of 3 is already less quests to do in that level range. If we cut out Silverpine entirely, then it’s even worse with only 1 zone, and you’re forced into long grinding sessions to make up for the lack of quests.

There’s only 2 options we can provide here due to the design of the game. Either tell you to grind for long stretches of time or travel somewhere else and do more quests, which we felt would be less boring than pure grinding.

If you absolutely hate traveling more than grinding, then when you see the guide tell you to go to one of these zones, just skip ahead until you get back to your current zone. When you can’t pick up any more quests in that area that’s your queue to grind until you’re high enough to pick the next one up.

20-25 Horde Guide: Trip to Ashenvale

At one point in this guide it will tell you go to Ashenvale where you will pick up 2 flight paths (Splintertree Post Flight and Zoram’gar Outpost) and do a few quests. This is to turn in the ‘The Ashenvale Hunt’ quest before it goes gray and to get these flight paths which will be useful and save you time LATER in the guide. This is the optimized time to do this because you will be able to grind level appropriate mobs on the way there whereas doing this later you’ll encounter gray mobs.