Zygor Classic Guide Questions and Issues Tracker

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We expect the launch of Zygor’s Guides for World of Warcraft Classic to go smoothly, but with any major release there are bound to be some minor issues here and there, as well as questions that get asked repeatedly, so to make it easier to find the answers you’re looking for we’ve created this post to compile these questions and common issues in one place.

Common Questions:

How fast will I level? Do you use shortcut strategies to level even faster?

We debated different approaches but found if you aim strictly for achieving the fastest leveling time possible you’ll need to play only as certain classes (ones with a pet), avoid looting any non-quest essential items, die on purpose (taking a repair hit), avoid professions (leaving you without gold for spells/mounts), and grind a lot because sometimes that’s technically faster than questing. These were all things we felt detracted from a quality guide experience and from what our customer base has historically told us they want. However, our guides do still provide a very fast and optimized path so it’s not just doing every quest or anything, and with the in-game factor, never having to alt tab, having an arrow point you exactly where to go, there’s a built in speed factor you won’t get from non in-game guides.

Are class quests covered?

Only the class quests that reward abilities. Class quests that reward gear are a waste of time because you’ll be leveling so fast you’ll quickly out level the gear.

Can you safely skip zones or quests if an area is overcrowded?

Blizzard has implemented layering and dynamic respawn timing to help with overcrowding. However, World of Warcraft Classic is not like the retail game where you can jump around zones, choose your own adventure style, skipping quests and such. It’s way more narrow in the routes you can take, and many of the quest lines are chained, or require earlier completion of quests to unlock later quests. So while you can certainly TRY to skip things if you must, the game and the guide are not designed with this in mind. The good news is that the guide is able to detect your quest history, so even if you get stuck later and can’t progress you can reload past guides and find the specific parts you skipped that you need to do in order to advance.

Known Issues and Solutions:

Guide Viewer not displaying for certain regions (Ex: Chinese)

A community member posted a possible solution here.

Guide Viewer not saving/retaining settings changes.

This should be fixed in Version 1.0.20773. Please update your guides.

Empty Guide Viewer that gets darker and dark when you click stuff.

Look in your WoW/classic/Interface/Addons folder. In there should be a ZygorGuidesViewerClassic folder. If you have a folder that does not say classic delete it. If you have both folders delete the non-classic folder then reload the UI. If you do not have a classic folder use the desktop client to get the classic guides installed.

Site slowdown or inaccessibility.

We expect to receive higher than normal amounts of traffic as World of Warcraft Classic launches. While our site should be able to handle it it’s possible we may experience intermittent slowdown or down time. If so, please just try back a little later.

When the Zygor Guides Client launches the game it doesn’t launch the right account/region.

A community member posted a possible solution here.

You don’t need to use the Zygor Guides Client to launch the game. You can use the client to install the guides and then the Blizzard client to launch the game if there are issues. We believe this issue is because you need to log in to the game proper first for it to register which wasn’t possible before the servers were launched.