New Zygor Guides Client Now Officially Out Of Beta

by (7 months ago).

During the launch of Battle for Azeroth we release a beta version of our new Zygor Client. This new version used a new platform (no longer requiring Java) and worked on both Windows and Mac. Today we’re bringing this new Client out of beta and making it the official Zygor Client. The old Java client will remain available to download and use until March 31st, 2019 at which point support for it will be ended, so be sure to make the switch before then.

You can download the client now from the Members Area. Please report any issues or feedback you have on the new client on the forum or over on our discord server.

7 thoughts on “New Zygor Guides Client Now Officially Out Of Beta

  1. fuck_you_zygor

    not paying for something that should be free, don’t care if you worked “hard” on it, it’s still a “guide” on a game YOU don’t own

  2. Gork

    Been using the beta client since about when it was released. I haven’t had a single issue with it and have preferred it since the beginning – I prefer not to use Java apps whenever possible.

  3. Jason

    Love the new client, Never been a fan of java (old client needed it, java is a MAJOR security risk)
    Been using this since it came out, love it, fast, slick and much easier to use.

    Keep up the amazing work


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