Noblegarden Celebration and Zygor’s Recent Updates

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Zygor Guides is all set for the Noblegarden event, running from April 1st to April 8th. Don your festive attire and get ready to hunt for those Brightly Colored Eggs!

Noblegarden Event

  • Egg Hunt Extravaganza: Search for eggs across starting towns and villages to collect goodies.
  • Seasonal Rewards: Exchange Noblegarden Chocolates for a variety of items, from festive clothing to adorable pets.
  • Title Achievement: Complete Noble Gardener to earn “<Name> the Noble” and celebrate in style.
  • Updates on the Fly: We’ve got all the known aspects of the event covered, and if anything new pops up, we’ll update our guides as usual.

What’s New in Zygor Guides:

Retail WoW


  • Adventurer and Racing Guides: From the Waking Shores to racing achievements, we’ve added guides to guide you through.
  • Raid and Dungeon Mastery, and many other guides have been updated.

Classic WoW and Wrath of the Lich King

  • Leveling Tweaks: We’ve polished the leveling guides for Loch Modan and Stonetalon Mountains.
  • Classic Events: Get ready for action with guides for “Operation Gnomeregan” and “Zalazane’s Fall”.

With Zygor Guides, you can be confident that you have the most up-to-date and detailed information available. Let the festivities begin!

Remember to keep your Zygor client updated to access the latest guides for a hopping good time in World of Warcraft!

3 thoughts on “Noblegarden Celebration and Zygor’s Recent Updates

  1. Pastorpete

    This is all great, bur can someon explain to we why the ah Gold guide tab isent working in SoD ? I used to use it alot in wotlk, but it dosent Seem to Work now ..

    1. Zygor

      The Gold Guide works in SoD the same way it does in Classic.

      The only difference between the Classic version and Retail is that there’s no way to provide Realm Trend Data automatically through the client, so you will need to visit an Auction House and scan to begin collecting marketplace data.

      If you’re having issues beyond just needing to scan please contact Customer Support and they’ll help you get things working.


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