This Week In Zygor – Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary Event & More

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Hello, Zygor Community!

We’ve got some updates for World of Warcraft’s celebration of Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary, as well as various improvements to our guides:

Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary Updates:

  • Event Guide: Our main event guide for Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary in WoW is ready to roll, complete with the intro quest and a cycle for the portal spawns.
  • Fiery Hearthsteed Guide: A straightforward guide for securing the Fiery Hearthsteed mount. Just log into Hearthstone, then WoW, and it’s all yours!
  • Loot Galore: Expect chances to nab special items for this event such as the Compass Rose mount, a new companion pet, a 36-slot bag, 2 new cosmetic items, a tabard, and more!

What’s Next for Zygor:

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: We’re polishing up with a good bit of bug fixes across Classic, SoD, Hardcore, and all guide types. Keep an eye out for these enhancements to smooth out your gameplay.
  • Major Updates Ahead: In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out major fixes for steps across all products and looking to implement clickable guide links for an even more streamlined experience.

These updates, as per usual, are seamlessly available through the Zygor Client. Enjoy the Hearthstone festivities in WoW with the help of Zygor Guides!

Note: Some newer features are brewing, but we’ll share those as soon as they’re fine-tuned and ready to go.

10 thoughts on “This Week In Zygor – Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary Event & More

  1. nay717

    It is nice to hear you are fixing things but info given was pretty general. I am particularly interested in the Classic guides getting some attention, especially the travel directions. Years ago I counted on Zygor to help with navigating around the mountains and a lot of that is no longer in the classic guides. I am often finding just straight lines going from where I am standing across IMPASSABLE terrain to the final goal. I can do the same with just TomTom. Zygor has gotten LAZY and I am beginning to question its value.

    1. Opie Post author

      Thank you so much for the feedback. I have reported this to the team. If you could provide perhaps a bit more information, such as what zones you are experiencing this in, would help the team a lot.

      1. Zebbe

        I am getting Travel System Crashed, in Thousand Needles, Org, Barrens, … everywhere I log in and play. I have to shut Zygor off to keep it from running constantly in my messages. I submitted a support ticket also. Thanks


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