Pre-Launch WoW: Classic Client Update Rolling Out Now!

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We’re just days away from the release of Zygor Guides for WoW: Classic and we’re now rolling out an update (Version 4.2.12) that enables support for the upcoming WoW: Classic downloads to the Zygor Guides Client. The rollout will trickle out over time so if you don’t see it right away don’t worry. Everyone should have the update by the end of the day.

Currently, you will just see a “Coming Soon!” message, but when we officially release the guides between August 25th / 26th this will change to an Install button, allowing you to install the guides. If you have any questions about the WoW: Classic launch leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them.

Note: You may notice a Microsoft Smart Screen message popping up because we updated the digital signing of the client. This message is temporary and you can safely ignore it.

31 thoughts on “Pre-Launch WoW: Classic Client Update Rolling Out Now!

  1. Pete Johnson

    Starting to panic a little now.
    It’s Monday afternoon (26th) and I aim to be on for classic launch, but there isn’t even a ‘coming soon’ entry in my guides viewer.
    Is there no way it is manually downloadable, or any way to refresh the client so it sees the classic guide update?

    1. Pete Johnson

      Well, it’s now Tuesday and I still haven’t got the updated guide. I’ve made sure the installation, executable and addon paths are correctly pointing to my WoW classic installation folder, but nothing. Please help.

  2. Austin

    You said to leave a comment if having problems, on my launcher under product i see WoW guide content, but still no classic guide. Should i reinstall my launcher?

  3. Atronic

    Download has come through for me! Thanks to the Zygor team for getting this ready ahead of time. Noticed the download was available at 11:24PM AEST (Australia) / 1:25PM UTC 25/08/2019.

  4. Marcus

    So happy you are releasing Classic guides. This will transform our leveling experience in Classic they same way it has over the years. Your guides are best; there is really no comparison to everything else out there.

  5. TerrorUDL

    I bought a zygor guide when it was a PDF, I have had an active sub off and on in relation to my wow sub, this has always been a must have to navigate content. I can’t wait to be guided once again on my level journey. Thanks team for providing a great product and experience while gaming.

  6. David

    Are the WoW Classic guides gonna include full 1-60 routes for Horde & Ally right from the beginning? I don’t wanna realize on 26h that the guide only Includes 1-30 and we’re gonna have to wait 2 more weeks for 30-60.

  7. 3IR

    Hey, I’m interesting in subscribing and purchasing a guide and was just wondering if this is for me.

    My goal is to quest my way to 60, but to spend lots of time leveling my professions like fishing, cooking, herbing, and skinning as well. I plan to enjoy the sights and experiences, but would like something I can look to to keep me on track.

    I’m basically just looking for something that will direct me where to go when I’m ready to get back to questing so I can pick up where I left off without having to tab out and find where I was in a text guide.

    Also, what would happen if I were to go off the path too far and did a quest I wasn’t supposed to until later in the guide, but I ended up doing because I was in the area for my profession? Would that quest just be skipped in the guide or would it throw the whole thing off?

    Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing back!

    1. Mooxxs

      This addon is exactly what you are after! If you happen to go off track for some reason it will still keep you on track for current quest. In the retail version of Zygor you can have tabs within the addon window. Each tab can have a different guide loaded which is super helpful if you do plan on side tracking away from your main questing. I’m hoping this feature will be in the Classic version.

      What you could do is just use the trail version of the addon which gives you a few guides with limited access. (as long as the classic version has this option)

      I would recommend just subbing to the addon for 30 days, and if you love it, sub for 6 months.

    2. [email protected]

      Besides what Mooxxs said, Zygor has a nifty feature where you can open your quest log (lowercase “L”), click on the quest you want to continue after you have walked off the beaten path, and then click the magnifying glass to have Zygor jump back to the old guide right where that quest starts!

  8. Lapahn

    Who made the classic guide? Is it the generic one you can find everywhere, the one from Joana, or made by someone else on his own? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Myrroddin

      Classic quests should include class-specific quest chains. The class quests are short and only take time because of Classic’s design to send the players all across the map.

    1. Dwayne Callahan

      As stated in the original post…

      “The rollout will trickle out over time so if you don’t see it right away don’t worry. Everyone should have the update by the end of the day.”

      So if you do not have it, then you need to wait till they roll it out to you.

    1. Zygor Post author

      @Dan – The guides we’re launching with only include an optimized questing path. Some considerations were made to send players to areas they could find more quests when the alternative of grinding was presented, as past customer feedback indicated our users preferred questing over grinding. However, we will be listening to all the feedback that comes in on these new guides and if AOE spots are a popular request we may look into adding them.


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