Shadowlands Story Only Leveling Guides Now Available!

by (7 weeks ago).

A new update (Ver. 8.0.23869) is available that adds in new storyline only leveling guides for Shadowlands. So now you have three choices for leveling guides: normal (story + sidequests), storyline only, and Threads of Fate (sidequests only). You can easily find these guides in the Featured section under Shadowlands / Leveling.

We are working round the clock to update the guides for any changes made between beta and retail release as well as addressing any issues with the addon. Be sure to follow our Release Notes for the latest info on what fixes and improvements have been made.

7 thoughts on “Shadowlands Story Only Leveling Guides Now Available!

  1. cianmaggs

    Thanks for doing this, love the guides. Will the threads of fate path complete the sojourner achievments in each zone? Was looking for a way to guide me just to acquire these achievements.

  2. Corry

    You’ve done an amazing job guys.. Saved me tons of time googling and looking at WoWHead. Glad to pay few bucks for this addon, hope you’ll get some tasty beer yourself!


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