This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Feb 17th, 2023

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🟒 Major Updates

The first wave of Dragonflight Mount guides and some Dragonflight Achievement guides have been added and can be found from the Featured Section. Here’s a list of the mounts added:

  • Added Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier – Added guide.
  • Added Hailstorm Armoredon – Added guide.
  • Added Raging Magmammoth – Added guide.
  • Added Shellack – Added guide.
  • Added Jade, Bright Foreseer – Added guide.
  • Added Viridian Phase-Hunter – Added guide.
  • Added Lucky Yun – Added guide.
  • Added Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm – Added guide.
  • Added Sapphire Skyblazer – Added guide.
  • Added Sunwarmed Furline – Added guide.
  • Added Sylverian Dreamer – Added guide.
  • Added Wen Lo, the River’s Edge – Added guide.
  • Added Gilded Ravasaur – Added guide.
  • Added Brown Scouting Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Brown War Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Yellow Scouting Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Yellow War Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Azure Skitterfly – Added guide.
  • Added Tamed Skitterfly – Added guide.
  • Added Ivory Trader’s Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk – Added guide.
  • Added Verdant Skitterfly – Added guide.
  • Added Loyal Magmammoth – Added guide.
  • Added Plainswalker Bearer – Added guide.
  • Added Stormhide Salamanther – Added guide.
  • Added Scrappy Worldsnail – Added guide.
  • Added Temperamental Skyclaw – Added guide.
  • Added Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra – Added guide.
  • Added Otto – Added guide.

The Toast Notification system has been updated with support for the following new Zygor Messages toasts:

Welcome Message shows only on first startup and show you the most relevant content of the current expansion.

General Updates will show only when major changes have been made in an update.

Smart Orientation Reminder will recommend that you run the Smart Orientation feature when it detects you’re missing data that can make Zygor perform better – such as missing flight data for the Travel System.

Daily and Weekly Event reminders are fade only toasts that will let you know when daily and weekly quests have reset on the server.

Season Event toast will let you know when a holiday event is in progress and prompt you with the guides for it.

4 thoughts on “This Week In Zygor – Update Recap For Feb 17th, 2023

  1. Fireboy

    I’m more disappointed in the quality for Classic of the Argent Tourney guides. They send you to places where there are no mobs for the quest to kill and have multiple steps for quests that are not in the game in this phase. Seems super easy to have QAed those after release on the production realms if they were tested previously on the PTR. Also annoying that there isn’t a consolidated list the optimizes the dailies for both a faction and champion runs. They overlap all the way and I have to constantly switch between 2 guides to track it all. I know the routes by heart of course so I could just skip the guides all together. But I appreciate having a punch list.

  2. Mike Banaszak

    Been having a macro problem. guides said to turn off add on’s. now I can’t bring them back up. The macro problem is significant. may quit game over this.


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