Tides of Vengeance Part Two Guide Update Now Available!

by (7 months ago).

A new update is available (Version 19694) which adds in new content for Tides of Vengeance Part Two, including a new chapter of the war campaign and the Battle of Dazar’alor raid guide.

New Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Guides:

Dazar’alor – Siege of Dazar’alor – First wing
Dazar’alor – Empire’s Fall – Second wing
Dazar’alor – Might of the Alliance – Final wing

Dazar’alor – Defense of Dazar’alor – First wing
Dazar’alor – Death’s Bargain – Second wing
Dazar’alor – Victory or Death – Final wing

New War Campaign Chapter:

The Nazmir Distraction

The Ashvane Rescue

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