Understanding the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ Error

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Greetings, adventurers!

You may have recently encountered a perplexing error: the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error. This issue has raised concerns among many players, including those who use our Zygor Guides addon. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what this error is, why it’s happening (even when addons aren’t at fault), and what you should do if you encounter it.


The ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error is a message that appears in your WoW chat or error log when an addon attempts to perform an action that is not allowed by the Blizzard game client. While it often occurs after game updates or patches and can affect a wide range of addons, including Zygor Guides, there’s something crucial to understand – sometimes it’s a false positive.

Why Is This Occurring?

Typically, this error occurs when Blizzard modifies the game’s code or security policies. This is how they prevent add-ons from interfering with the game in unintended or potentially harmful ways. However, there are instances where the error appears due to changes on Blizzard’s end, even when addons aren’t at fault.

Can You Ignore It?

Absolutely! You can confidently ignore the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error, even when it pops up unexpectedly. Contrary to its alarming name, this error is a false positive and doesn’t signify any wrongdoing on Zygor Guides’ part. It doesn’t pose any risk of getting your account banned or sanctioned.

Our Method: Investigating Solutions

At Zygor, we recognize the annoyance that this error can cause. We are committed to providing our users with a seamless gaming experience, which is why we are actively investigating this matter. Our team of developers is investigating potential workarounds for the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error to ensure that our World of Warcraft addon continues to enhance your experience.

The Function of Blizzard

In the end, Blizzard may be required to take action to resolve the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error. Only Blizzard has the authority to implement a fix if the issue is related to changes in the game client or security policies. We are closely monitoring the situation and will collaborate with Blizzard to provide the best addon experience possible.

Stay Aware of Updates

We will keep you informed of any developments as we work to resolve the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ error. Check our website and Discord regularly for updates on this issue. While this error may be a minor annoyance, it does not have a significant impact on gameplay.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this issue together. We remain committed to providing the best add-on experience for World of Warcraft players such as yourself.

10 thoughts on “Understanding the ‘ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN’ Error

  1. chris

    been using this program for a while now, its awesome man. i recommend it to anyone and i know for sure when you buy it your going to see that its so much more than you ever thought you would get. 10 bucks a month is worth the work they put into this for sure. this isnt just a little addon its a whole program that installs to the desktop with easy updates

  2. temaz

    I was using zygor without buying it, no way I will pay for an addon after I bought the game and sub lol.
    I can tell that addon is useful sometimes, it was good in all retail addons where you need to complete tons of campaigns like BFA and SL. But for older continents there are still no speedrun routes to fast lvl with quests.
    For classic it’s worst addon, it has slowest route, I started using rxp, cuz it’s just faster. Rxp’s interface is garbage comparing to zygor’s, but rxp size is 3 MB and zygor’s is 100 MB and it’s very laggy when constructing closest route to target.
    For retail it’s best addon atm, but for classic it’s 50/50, it’s more comfortable to use, cool interface and you can find closest NPCs with repair or class trainers, but leveling is too slow, you gonna grind mobs for eternity.

    1. temaz

      Forgot to add that LUA errors that were appearing whole DF xpac was not cuz Blizzard broke everything, it was 1st month, then they fixed it, but Zygor kept giving errors nonstop 🙂 Now situation ofc better, but back then they made a post with “it’s all Blizzard, not us”, liars…

  3. Malcom Pollock

    Thank you for keeping your Zygor customers up to speed on what’s happening. Very professional. I got the bug, wondered what it was all about, ignored it and carried on playing. I’ve used your guides for years, there’s none better.

  4. Rob Monroe

    I am forced to admit, as inappropriate as it may be and as angry as it may make some people, for many, many years I have found Zygor AND THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT STAFF, to be consistently helpful and a valuable add on for WoW. I consistently recommend the program to any WoW player.

  5. Mike

    Worse addon, I can’t believe anyone pays.money for this buggy leveling guide. Steps are so screwed up, if you were not experienced and catch somofnthe bugs people would be lost or going in circles.


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