Update on Retail Auction Tools and Classic Gold Guide Progress

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This post is to provide everyone with an update on where things stand with our Gold and Auctions guides and Auction Tools for both Retail and Classic.


With the release of Patch 8.3, Blizzard made extensive changes to the Auction House including a new Auction House user interface, auto pricing of items to sell, and a change to how items are sold so that your items sell before the competition at the same price, reducing the need to undercut.

This made a lot of the features in our Auction Tools redundant and as a result we’ve reworked the Auction Tools into a lighter version.

When viewing the Sell Tab, we now show a list of all the items in your inventory, along with the current market prices, and a status indicator, advising you on whether conditions look favorable to sell that item. Initial prices shown in this list will be based on the hourly trend data downloaded from the client and may be somewhat out of date. By clicking an item in the list the Auction Tools will automatically update the item to reflect the current price.

The scan button is primarily used to manually retrieve hourly pricing data when there are issues with the client. As a reminder, the Gold Guide uses two sets of data: Trend Data, which reflects how the auction house changes over time, and Hourly Data, which is a snapshot of how prices looked within the past hour. The client uses Blizzard’s auction house API to send you data and sometimes this goes down for weeks at a time, so that is the main reason we include the manual scan button, as a backup.

Blizzard limits how often you can manually scan for hourly data to somewhere around 15 mins. Also, the data is cached, which is good enough for Gold Guide use, but not up to the minute with current pricing. As mentioned before, clicking items in the inventory list will update them to reflect the most current price. However, you may notice items shuffling around when you do this which is why we added an “appraise all” function to the manual scan as well. If you click the scan button it will grab the hourly data and then update every item in your inventory list to the current price. Also, if the scan button is on cooldown it will change to an “Appraise All” button so you can still use this feature until scan becomes available again.


We already have much of the Gold Guide working for Classic and we’re now shifting our focus over to getting the Auction Tools working for Classic. The good news is that a lot of the work done on the Auction Tools for Retail can be ported over to Classic, so we expect we’ll have this update ready to go out soon. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve worked to bring you this next awesome Zygor product for World of Warcraft: Classic!


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