User Feedback Section Updated To Support Comments

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We just rolled out a new update to the User Feedback section that adds the following features:
* You can now comment on submitted ideas. Submissions that receive a comment from a member of the Zygor staff will be marked with a Z icon.
* We added a “Completed Submissions” area so you can see what ideas from the community have been completed and released.

All members can view this section but only Zygor Elite members can submit ideas or vote on them.

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4 thoughts on “User Feedback Section Updated To Support Comments

  1. Harald

    On the topic of more detailed traveling guides, I find the current ones to work okay in most situations – though not good in all. One problem I had was that the guide wanted me to go a certain path, but sometimes the guide didn’t register that step as finished, either because I took another path, or due to bugs. An idea for more detailed guides is an extendable list, with an in depth description of each step/quest. This description is not however counting towards step completion, and so the more detailed guides don’t bring more steps that doesn’t register as completed.

  2. wagner lopes

    Como já comentei antes em outras pesquisas, eu prefiro comprar um produto de meu interesse e não ser sócio como proposto. Dito isso, pergunto se não consigo comprar uma versão “completa” de todos os PETS DE HUNTER, contidos no jogo Word of Warcraft. Caso tenha o produto disponível para compra, gentileza me encaminhar uma proposta.
    Muito obrigado!


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