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Introducing Zygor’s Web Guides, a new and completely optional way to experience our guides for World of Warcraft: Classic. This gives Trial/Basic users a way to experience our 1-60 Classic Guides, and get a taste of some of the benefits of our in-game guides as well. This will also allow us to create guides in the future for Elite users that don’t necessarily fit the in-game model, and possibly for games that don’t allow addons. Be sure to tell your friends and guildmates about these new free guides becoming available on Friday, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “Discover A New Way To Experience Zygor Guides

  1. Lindsey Allen

    I’m paying $4.99 for elite subscription to play the retail version. I’m not interested in classic. But it looks as if you are going to include classic and raise the elite subscription price to $7.99. Say it ain’t so. If it is so, bye bye.

    1. Zygor Post author

      You are paying the $4.99 loyalty rate. As long as you stay subscribed, you get to keep that rate. The normal rate has always been $7.99, and we added Classic guides to be included in Elite at no additional charge (still $7.99 / month) back in August. These web guides don’t change anything for Elite subscribers, they’re not even targeted at Elite users, because Elite is the best we have to offer. These web guides are a totally separate (free) thing, obviously not as good or convenient as our fully in-game Elite guides, but they’re targeted at people who don’t use Zygor yet. If you already have Elite, you don’t need to worry about these web guides at all, they’re not meant for you.

  2. DragonWind

    Fine, miss out on ‘Elite’ subscription. I agree if you were only playing classic you could move to free stuff and get 75% of the same functions. But, I don’t like to get sent on time-waster time quests designed by the company to spin more of my game time trying to find or complete a quest that doesn’t help me level.
    I had ‘Elite’ subscription since it came out and even when I stop playing for 6 months. Because of this I was able to pick up-leveling my 32 toons as soon as I logged back-in.

  3. ImaHunk

    I fear I am forced to agree with a lot of the above comments.
    I can’t see paying for this ‘Elite’ subscription.
    There are tons of other addons available from Twitch that not only do the exact same thing, but are totally free.

  4. doghunter666

    I honestly think this is going backwards to what the guides have become,honestly i will be unsubbing and using alternative in game guides if this is the way it is going,definitely if this happens which it seems it is it is not worth the money anymore,to say games that wont support the guides explain what you mean by that,please as right now this is just another reason to unsub and as a company to lose a lot of money and subscribers in the process,thoroughly dissapointed.

  5. Andrew S.

    I’m pretty sure the elite subscription includes both classic and retail guides…so if you only play classic, it does seem to make sense not to have an elite subscription….BUT if you play both the retail and the classic and you decide to cancel your elite subscription because you think you’re paying for classic when free members won’t, remember that you’ll lose all the guides and extras for the retail game as well. I think it makes sense personally….

  6. Kyle

    Seems very 2000-and-late, but I guess it serves to attract new customers? It’d be better to just give them Starting Zones guide for free, I would think. Hold up, let me Alt+Tab and get ganked really quickly….

  7. Xugor

    If you’re making the elite guide free but you just need to access a browser whats stopping me from unsubbing and just using that? You didnt think of your existing customers it seems. Dont be Bungie/Destiny creators and ADD INCENTIVE FOR STAYING SUBBED. Or at least give us some new guides or something that these free guides domt have access to. Im kinda upset that im paying for it to just be in my game vs i have two screens this is literally a way for me to do this free.

  8. Jack

    Is this an out of season April fools joke? I know back in the real classic we only had PDF’s and no in-game guide but this has changed… so all this seems really pointless?

  9. mike neville

    whats the point? back and fourth between game and browser?
    the whole point of zygor is to be quick and accessible. it defeats the object of being an external guide.
    i love zygor how it is and just dont see the point in this web based release?


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