Zygor Spotlight: December 2021 Edition

by (8 months ago).

Added This Month:

  • Improvement: Creature Detector now notifies you if already own a creature you detect (Feedback Submission #877).
  • Improvement: TBC guides have now been updated with Leveling guides to get to 60 in Azeroth (although you can start Outland at 58, we recommend starting at 60 to reduce grinding needed) as well as all missing Group, Dungeon and Class quests (which you can use as an alternative to grinding).
  • General Fixes: Numerous customer reported issues fixed.
  • Gift Cards: Holiday themed Zygor Guides gift cards are available if you’re looking for gift ideas for your friends and family.

In Development:

  • Quality Assurance: (TBC) New testing and tweaking of guides for Season of Mastery.
  • New Feature: Auto repair option
  • New Feature: Skip cutscenes option.

2 thoughts on “Zygor Spotlight: December 2021 Edition

    1. Zygor Post author

      We have received complaints about levels 60 through 70 requiring too much grinding in TBC Classic. Most of this is due to the design of game which is grindy, especially compared to Retail. However, to offer players more options, we’re adding in additional Group, Class, and Dungeon quests which players can do to cut down on some of the grinding.


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