Zygor’s Dragonflight Guide Release Plans

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As we’re a little over a month away from the official release of World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, Dragonflight, we wanted to share what our plans are as far as guide updates go.

  • The first update will be next Monday (EDIT: Updated to Tuesday to coincide with new Talent System), in time for the Pre-Patch which is coming October 25th. This update will add compatibility with the pre-patch and the new talent system.
  • The second update will be around but before November 15th when the Dracthyr race will become playable. This will add in the new Dracthyr Starter Guide for the new zone of The Forbidden Reach.
  • The third update (and final) will be around but before November 28th, the official launch day for the Dragonflight expansion. This will add in the full suite of guide updates for Dragonflight as well as the next major version of the Zygor Guide Viewer. This will be preceded with a proper launch week where we will be sharing more details on all the new guides and features in the lead up to the release.

We hope this gives you an idea of what to look forward to in the coming month or so from Zygor. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

15 thoughts on “Zygor’s Dragonflight Guide Release Plans

  1. SkuetZ

    Anyone had an issue where every dungeon you go to breaks your bars? I’ve tied it down to this adding, reloading fixes it, but it happens 100% of the time. Default UI

  2. Cheri Baker

    I started around Year 2009 using the Zygor Guides. I purchased the guides because my male partner always wanted to do the killing and I was given the chore of collecting all the rewards, etc. Finally realizing he was never going to let me play “my game” I went home that night and bought my own subscriptions to play at home by myself. Of course it was a disaster since I really hadn’t learned much from his playing and me watching. So I started a search for the BEST WOW guide. It didn’t take long to get up to par with the fantastic guides provided. I’m still playing using the Zygor guides and would never consider using any other. Keep up the most fantastic work. I thank every person working at Zygor for always making it easier to achieve my goals.

    1. Sere

      For one, it’s a set of dates, not a guide.

      For two, future guides on sites like this will probably be feature showcases, not “making the game a job”

      For three, why do you choose to come spread pointless negativity? I guarantee you’re nowhere close to the top of the wow content or rating ladders, or even scrubs like me, so what’s the point of leaving these uninformed comments that say literally nothing other than pointless trash talk?

      1. Jeremy

        With all the ads on Wowhead, it’s actually more inconvenient to use. Getting rid of the ads on Wowhead requires a paid subscription, as well as it is outside of the game requiring alt+tab during gameplay. This guide is extremely helpful. and I can focus on my task rather than a bunch of useless spam ads. Thanks, Zygor for such a great product.


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