Zygor’s Leveling Guides For The Elder Scrolls Online

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After years of working solely on guides for World of Warcraft we are excited to announce our plans to create guides for the upcoming MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. We intend to offer leveling guides for all three of the games major factions (Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact) and these guides will be completely in-game just like our famous WoW guides.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to be released on April 4th and we will be revealing more about our guides closer to their release. In the meantime, we would like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see in these new guides. We’ve prepared a small questionnaire (see link below) and just by participating you’ll be entered to win a free copy of our upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guides.

Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guides questionnaire:

58 thoughts on “Zygor’s Leveling Guides For The Elder Scrolls Online

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  4. useful eso leveling guide

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  5. Paul Stout

    It would be nice if you made the new ESO guide available for purchase early for those of us who purchased the ESO game package with “Early Access” to the game.

    Here it is, Mar 30th, I’m playing the game and I have no Zygor Guide! SOB!!!!!

  6. Stewart

    Hey, great to hear you are venturing into ESO. Being a WOW player and having used your Guide continuously for I don’t remember how long, I will definitely be interested in your ESO in-game guide. If you offered a pre-release ‘purchase now’ I would support you by interested.

    Please email me with more info as your product progresses.

    Cheers, love ya work.

  7. TikiElite

    I would love to see ESO guide/mod.
    A guide on where to go to pick up new quests would be good – sometimes I have trouble finding new ones and XP from quests is best way to level.
    I’d also like to see something to help manage inventory across many characters.alts/mules.
    I would also like to be able to see timers for feeding horse and crafting research – idieally show across all characters and highlight when available (not active).
    It would also be nice to get some build advice.

  8. "Unktehila"

    I dislike how to navigate in Skyrim, and assume ESO is similar (expect no changes in basic concepts). I know the addition of a Zygor WoW type guide to a Skyrim like MMO is going to be exciting for me, more or less making me want to be like Fry and push out my fist full of cash (knowing full well the $80 price for the coll. ed.).

    I already expressed my opinions in the survey, so here’s hoping things come out good on all counts. Gaming is often like a box of chocolates, but unfortunately these days, that box often is more like Russel Stover’s than it is like Godiva’s… xP

  9. Michael Penn

    I would like to see the Elder Scrolls Online guide to look as much like the Warcraft guide in order to keep the guide looking familiar. Also, your guides are easy to use so I see people wanting that as well.

  10. Tony

    I have played ESO in Beta. Was not very impressed, not as good as WOW was my first impression.

    If I buy it, then I probably would get Zygor guide for it, depending on the price. I think the lvling guides that are around are over priced.

    We will just have to wait and see, I guess.

  11. Leland Fellows

    I am looking forward to seeing a similar quest addon. As of right now ESO can be Very nonlinear and will let you roam so much that missing a quest can be quite easy. I love your product and use it every day! And will be getting it hands down for the upcoming ESO release.

  12. Sharon Terry

    Love the wow guide. even though my well account is on suspended status right now. I still keep the guys up to dateso when I go back to WoW I’ll be good to go. I love the interface. Look forward to anything you guys put out there.

  13. Paul Stout

    Outstanding. I was ‘probably’ sure I’d subscribe to the game, now I’m ‘definitely’ sure.

    You guys took the ‘drudge work’ out of WoW so I could concentrate on having fun. That’s addictive, and will be an ‘out-of-the-gate’ bonus in The Elder Scrolls Online.

  14. Tim

    Skyshard locations are a definite must! But builds and rotations for the multiple skill lines are also key for leveling. I’m looking forward to this. Beta was a lot of fun!

  15. Kristi Ryther

    I am a beta tester for TESO and something that I feel would be very beneficial are guides to which weapons and attributes to choose as well as a professions guide.

  16. Deggon

    Bleh, not a fan of ESO personally…..use the WoW guides every day, maybe you will branch out to Wildstar….btw with this being announced will the team still work on and improve the wow guides in the future?

    1. Zygor Admin Post author

      The World of Warcraft guides will remain our top priority and we will be continuing with updates as normal. We’re simply expanding our team to cover the Elder Scrolls as well.

  17. Jorge

    I actually dont plan on playing TESO untill it becomes a F2P.
    ( Like really, 80€ for digital special edition + monthly fees + ingame shop; they just want to grind as many money as possible before becoming F2P )

  18. Joshua

    I’m glad you guys are thinking about doing something for all of us Diablo 3 buyers. I know that if this guy is in game for Elder Scrolls online it’s going to be great and I’m really looking forward to it

  19. Wizzy

    Too bad this game will be a flop…. I don’t see this being the “Warcraft Killer” it was taunted to be months ago. The ONLY thing that’s gonna kill Warcraft at this point is Warcraft.

  20. Marilyn Julia Keymer

    Please try not to make the Guides too costly. Please remember we have to buy the ESO game yet, and it isn’t cheap!
    I know it was decided not to go with a monthly payment for the Guides, but perhaps some kind of instalment payment plan could be acceptable for the ESO Guides. After all, we are all probably going to create more than one character, and with 9 races, plus the Imperial, to choose from, we will need ALL the Guides, if they come in One-Faction Editions. Then there will be the other Guides to buy as well. The cost mounts up doesn’t it? We’re not all Bill Gates, some are still at college or school and dependent on parents for money. Some of us are Retired and on fixed incomes, some Unemployed. We know you have to eat too, and we do appreciate all you do, but don’t make us cry, please.

  21. NoOneAtHome

    Glad to see you are branching out. Just wish you would develop guides for Wildstar. Being in the beta for both ESO and WildStar, WildStar has been more fun and engaging than ESO.

  22. Rebecca Ruthenberg

    They are planning on allowing addons as far as I know. Quest guides would be nice, but i would like to know about crafting and gathering? Some gathering routes/guides would be awesome! When they lift the NDA I would be willing to help you gather info, just let me know.

  23. Ashley Grywalski

    I think this is a terrific idea! Im going right towards ESO when it officially releases and im glad Zygor decides tomake guides for the upcoming game. Im really looking forward to it!

    1. Wayne Storton

      Totally agree with you there. Don’t know how much we are allowed to share (NDA), but I HATED with a venom the way you moved around the world. Unless there are drastic changes, I doubt it will be as successful as is being hoped, and this wouldn’t bode well for the Zygor Guide.

  24. Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guides

    It seems like they are not going to have an open beta for ESO so will your guides come out after the game is launched? Also I don’t think they are allowing anyone to start developing addons for ESO until sometime after the games launch.

    1. Billy

      ESO had an open beta this last weekend (February 8-9)! Also, within the game there was also a tab specifically for Add-Ons, which makes me think that they will be allowing 3rd party add-ons!

      If these guides are comparable to the WoW guides then this should be excellent news!

  25. Steve Hunter

    I hope it’s better than your Diablo guide. For real. Love the WoW guides, definitely my favorite and extremely comprehensive. But dat Diablo guide doe. Smh.

    I didn’t know ESO was allowing third party apps. Interesting.

    1. Zygor Admin Post author

      Have no fear, our Elder Scrolls guides are being developed by the same team that created the World of Warcraft guides. The guides will be in-game (unlike the Diablo guide) and we’re aiming for the same high quality. The primary failure of the Diablo guide was that it didn’t sell well enough for it to be maintained long term. We have a plan in mind to prevent this from happening with the ESO guides. We’ve also got something special in mind to make things up to the people who bought the Diablo guides. Stay tuned.


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