Zygor’s Updates to Love is in the Air & More

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The season of love is upon us in Azeroth, and Zygor is thrilled to announce our updated guide for the Love is in the Air event and more.

What’s New in the Update?

Key Highlights:

  • Talent Advisor: We’ve squashed some bugs, including a fix for the Mistweaver Monk, ensuring your gameplay is smoother than ever.
  • Love is in the Air Event – Horde: Updated the main questline, including fixes for “An Unwelcome Gift” and updated locations for “Formula: Intoxicating Toxic Perfume.”

Other Updates:

  • Across both factions, we’ve refreshed quests like “Be Mine!”, “Dangerous Love”, and many more for 2024, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.
  • We’ve also streamlined the event by removing obsolete achievements to focus on what matters most this year.
  • The Travel System has been enhanced with the addition of the Scenic Getaway Portal network, making your event navigation a breeze.
  • For the artisans among you, don’t miss our new guide “Support Your Local Artisans,” part of our Love is in the Air coverage.

Continuous Updates for Your Adventures

Zygor is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the game, not just for seasonal events but all year round. With updates for the Lunar Festival and enhancements to our travel system, we ensure your World of Warcraft experience is seamless.

Ready to embark on your Love is in the Air journey? Update your Zygor Guides now and let love lead the way in 2024!

2 thoughts on “Zygor’s Updates to Love is in the Air & More

  1. Josh

    Yeah Phase 2 just launched and this Zygore guide isn’t updated at all with any new Phase 2 runes…. we pay nearly as much as the game every month this sub par guide.

  2. Alex

    Yeah, it’d be nice if the paid for addon… Could be updated for the new event before it even releases, especially for the dailies, considering, they are supposed to be done daily to get max currencies to get new stuff… What is it we pay for, if you don’t get any access to the content earlier than us to keep it updated for the new events etc… It’s stressful, especially since it seems to charge me as that I thought was against the WoW ToS, it should just be free with some ads you’d have had thousands of more ppl using it, therefore, probably more income from the ads…. Idk, I think if I were to pay for an addon that can track my gold making, questing, load up guides and be able to follow it with much ease and all prerequisites figured out before continuing on. Maybe more user friendly. Even the WoW Token Price widget thing in game, when I click to see more, it just gets buggy and doesnt show anything about it. Until I just go back to the home page and look at it from there. More QoL… And if you need help with anything I wouldn’t mind being apart of that, I have a lot of exp online and with AI and coding etc.


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