[UPDATED] Zygor’s Update for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery

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Zygor’s Update for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery

Phase 2 of the WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery has begun, and Zygor’s coverage of this new chapter is now available and ready for download through the Zygor Client. Here’s what you can anticipate from the most recent update and how Zygor intends to improve your gameplay experience.

What’s New in Phase 2?

SoD Phase 2 introduces a plethora of content to explore and conquer such as the level cap Increased to 40, new Runes, the Gnomeregan raid, new talent specs, quality of life skillbooks, and more.

Zygor’s Current Coverage for Phase 2

  • Leveling Guides for 25-40 are live and ready.
  • Dungeon Guides have been re-added up through the Scarlet Monastery dungeons.
  • We are also aiming for the talent update to be ready by next Tuesday.

A Note on Upcoming Content

While Phase 2 has also introduced new runes, the Gnomeragan raid, new reputation quests, and more, we want to clarify that guides for these specific updates are currently in development and not yet included in our latest release. We’re working diligently to bring any missing and future content guides to you.

Stay Updated with Zygor

As the Season of Discovery unfolds, trust Zygor to be your constant companion. Our guides are regularly updated, so be sure to always keep the Zygor Guides addon updated using the Zygor Client.

[Update] Zygor’s Guide Update for SoD Phase 2 Runes Available!

We’re excited to announce to the community a significant update to our Season of Discovery coverage. Guides for the Phase 2 Runes are now live and ready!

Simply ensure your Zygor Guides client is up to date, and you’ll find the new rune guides available within the Season 2 content.

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