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Face The Lich King Without Fear

Later this year you'll be able to re-experience the cold chills of Northrend again as Blizzard Entertainment is set to release Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

This is considered by many to be the greatest expansion of all and like always your trusty friend Zygor will be there to have your back with our upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic Guides.

These all new guides are written from the ground up to take advantage of all the latest Zygor features and will walk you through leveling your characters, completing dungeons, raising your professions, making gold, and more . All you need is a Zygor Elite subscription and you'll be all ready to set sail for the frozen isles that await you.

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Day One Content

Exiles Reach

Death Knight Starter Guide

Wrath of the Lich King introduces the Death Knight, a new playable "hero class" that starts at level 55 and has its own starting zone. You can expect a complete guide for this starter area that synchronizes perfectly with the main Northrend Leveling guides.

70-80 Northrend Leveling Guides

In Northrend you'll find 10 new zones to explore and level your characters from 70 to the next cap of 80. This expansion has two choices for where to start: either Howling Fjord to the east, or Borean Tundra to the west, and our guides will cover both as well as everything else you need to reach the end zone of Icecrown where the Lich King is waiting.

Northrend Dungeons and Raids

Experience 3 new raids and 12 new dungeons at release with our WotLK Dungeon and Raids guides packed with useful tips and strategies to navigate through each instance and take down their toughest bosses and foes, including the Lich King himself.

Additional Featured Content

Northrend Dailies

As part of the end game content, WotLK Classic features numerous daily quests throughout its zones, especially in Icecrown. Our new guides will cover all of these dailies that grant various rewards and raise your reputations, and thanks to the dynamic nature of the addon, the guides are able to adapt to the random nature of the quests each day!

The Argent Tournament

One of the game features unique to WotLK Classic is the Argent Tournament, a world event composed of unique quests and dailies that will be introduced in a post-launch patch. Raising through the ranks of the tournament not only allows you access to exclusive vendor items but also allows you to obtain the coveted Crusader title. Complete guide walkthroughs for the Argent Tournament will be added in a future update.

375-450 Profession Leveling Guides

Our guides will show you how to raise your professions to the new Grand Master proficiency level of 450 in the most efficient way. You can also expect all new profession guides for the profession of Inscription, which is newly introduced in this expansion.

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