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[Error] Unable to open Zygor Guide Viewer

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    [Error] Unable to open Zygor Guide Viewer

    The main window of Zygor Guides won't open, I figure it's something to do with an addon I have running. I'm currently troubleshooting by turning each of them off and on until Zygor shows but so far no luck.

    Am I the only one who is experiencing this? And therefore it's on me or my addons? Or is it somewhat common and might there be a solution?

    I run things like Evlui, DBM, WeakAuras and Raider.io. Never had a problem before but I auto update so maybe a recent update has caused this error. I am able to get to the settings page, but none of the guides or the guide viewer will load.

    PS: Also, I hear the "quest log open" noise when I press the button or try the slash command to open the guide viewer. I don't know if that helps.

    Instead of turning them all on and off one at a time try turning them all off and leave only Zygor on to see if it loads properly. If it does then you can enable a couple at a time until it no longer loads and you've then narrowed it down very fast.
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      That's strange. I did it for each addon and none of them caused an error or a conflict. I could open Zygor each time as long as Zygor loaded first and was open prior to the addon being enabled.