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Wow. What an improvement!

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    Wow. What an improvement!

    Guys! Blown away.

    I used your guide and addon to level in classic (human) and found it very non-useful. I was frustrated at doing the green kill quests but when it got to the grey kill quests - at the recommended level - i just threw it out.

    I just levelled a bloodelf for the upcoming TBC release and the guide was not only vastly improved but left me wondering if it could be improved even more. Questing was efficient but more importantly, questing was fun.

    Some Key differences I appreciated:
    - travel was optimal this time round.
    - quests were level appropriate, leaning towards being 1 or 2 levels over my current. Vastly vastly better.
    - I stayed in a zone long enough to feel progressive but never to long as to make the content stale.
    - great use of the bank and world NPCs. Great consideration to how much stuff I may be carrying between 5 quests.
    - good footnotes, dispelling any ambiguity quest writing has at times.
    - No grinding (although this is probably a product of the 30% quest XP increase in TBC)

    In all, I was really impressed with the guide and how much it had improved over the last 2 years.

    Thank you!
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