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Some Guide improvements

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    Some Guide improvements

    To all the squirrels I loved before.
    This guide stops short long before finishing the achievement.

    Reputation guides
    Some of us old farts got 12 rep for a quest 5 years ago but Wow reset the quests.
    Tieing the Reputation to the quest in the guide should allow us to filter Quests by REPUTATION they give. Allow us to go back to low level areas and knock out lowbie quests for 300 rep per turn in. I find this to be faster than grinding rep since the respawn and mobs are turned down so low at times.

    I don't need a rep guide that tells me to grind till Im exhaulted thats a bit insulting btw.

    Area of effect achievements.
    Sort Achievements by GeoLocation in game. So that you can work on multiple lines and achievements WHILE your in the area. Hug Squirrel Here. Do Quest next to squirrel for rep line, Fish this pool while your there ETC.

    These guides were designed to eliminate travel and area of OPP. would be very effective in doing that.

    Maybe allow for selection of up to 5 general achievements that blended with current guide that gives an Area of OPP que of some type.

    Guild Achievements

    Farming Guide.
    Taking ques from Auctioneer on Average selling price of items and where those items can be farmed sorted by the most gold per item and maybe sort the difference between an epic drop and Mats. While there are Ore guides it would be nice to know that some low level sagefish I don't pay attention to at 85 is going for 50 gold a stack. Or the best place to farm Silk cloth off mobs. ETC.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Some things are in the guides but not at points where expected (due to design progress and new guides).
    For example the home cities reputation guides are in the Argent Tournament section of the dailies guides. They are more a copy of the starting zone guides but they helped me get one character I played long before Cataclysm to get the Crusader title.

    Linking together achievement guides is something that can be done. Simply connecting achiements by zone should be possible if the guide now allows to leech steps from different guides. But connecting them intelligently (like a normal guide) would require completely reworking them and is a lot of work.
    For example I am thinking about linking together my cooking and fishing guides, especially the Undercity ones require to run outside which is a real pain if you do it for cooking and fishing separately. But it requires to work very careful so the guides don't get messed up.

    Farming guides are like gold guides, there is no simple solution that works on every server.
    I'm sure we'll see the farming routes get put into separate guides as this is on the wish list of quite some users. But everything else depends on server economy. On one server you can even make lots of money with low level green items while on another server you better sell them to a vendor.
    A list of some craftables that most likely will allow you to get some gold is a good idea. For example the crusader enchant still can be useful when leveling a new character with heirloom weapon. Or high level enchants and jewels.


      The ratchet (Northern Barrens) Guide is missing from my alliance Lore pack. The full barrens achievement woudl be helpful in the ratchet, booty bay rep grind.


        Northern Barrens is not needed for the Alliance Loremaster achievement and there are only 3 quests in Northern Barrens that the Alliance can do. This is why it's not in the Loremaster guide listing, not needed.
        My Flight Path Follies guide

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