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Guide telling me subscription expired

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    Guide telling me subscription expired


    Since yesterday, when I start wow classic, Zygor Guide tell me that message:

    Subscription expired
    Hey! Zygor Guides requires an update. No worries, simple update your guides using the Zygor Client, and you'll be good to go. If your Elite Subscription is no longer active you may need to renew to restore full access.

    My subscription is active.
    I have reinstalled the wow classic guide with same result.
    It's not doing it on wow retail.

    And now, when I log once, it's ok. If I log out and log on wow classic, the guide open, but can't find any guide. I need to reinstall it for it to come back...
    I have disabled all other addons with same result...

    Help me please

    Ok, found my problem.
    I got 2 zygor guide installed on different directory (don't know why) and I have erased both, reinstall it, and it's ok


      I'm having this issue on just *one* of my alts. All the other alts have no problem.

      I did check to make sure I didn't have it installed twice (didn't)

      I've tried loading another alt's profile but for just that one alt, it says the subscription is expired. and no, it is *not* on my main


        Try doing a full guide reset.

        1. exit WoW
        2. go to the WoW/_retail_/Interface/Addons folder and delete the ZygorGuidesViewer folder
        3. go to the WoW/_retail_/WTF/Account/<your account name here>/SavedVariables folder and delete the Zygor files in there
        4. run the desktop client and install a fresh copy of the guides
        5. go back in game to test
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