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WARNING: Auto Quest Reward Cost Me a pre-BiS

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    WARNING: Auto Quest Reward Cost Me a pre-BiS

    It picked "Mark of Tyranny" tanking trinket instead of "Blackhand's Breadth" crit trinket. I'm a beastmaster hunter!
    Unknown to me somehow, the auto quest choice picker got turned on. It seemed to happen after a Zygor update possibly? It took a while for me to even find where this option was (it's in "Enhancements"). I did not have this on previously. I had already turned off the gear advisor because it's awful and didn't want/need to take the time to try and adjust the settings.
    This feature needs to be REMOVED altogether in my opinion, at least for hunters (have not really used it with other classes and don't plan to). Also, for the people that want to use it, at least make it not AUTO turn on and if it does, have it announce a big a** warning that this may fu** your gear up!**

    I already submitted a ticket to Blizzard about it and, of course, they say they can't fix it.
    My heart sank with sadness and my stomach twisted with frustration when this happened. I would like to save anyone else from having to deal with this.

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    the gear advicer just in general was an almost impossible task to give trinkets values, as it cant read "use"-part of the trinket. Because of this the whole procedure is pretty awful or useless, sadly.


      That's unfortunate, sorry about that!

      We are exploring disabling this feature (if it's been enabled) temporarily when a quest reward choice has a "use" ability, such as this case, to allow players to choose on their own and prevent us from messing up your gear, which is the last thing we want to happen.

      Also, this feature should be disabled by default, and only enabled manually by the player. We are verifying that this is still the case, as it's not intended to be enabled by default.
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