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Simian Sabotage, Farmer Guide step 104

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  • xerty
    Some more info : https://www.wowhead.com/quest=30337/...otage#comments

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  • ZG Support 1
    We'll check into it.

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  • xerty
    started a topic Simian Sabotage, Farmer Guide step 104

    Simian Sabotage, Farmer Guide step 104

    Simian Sabotage is currently bugged :
    If you are trying to do this quest in BFA you will have to talk to Zidormi (81/32) and have her turn back the time to before the Assaults. Otherwise its going to just tell you that you are in the wrong zone when placing the fireworks.
    This info needs to be added to this step, or even a step added to send the player to Zidormi.
    --- Player information ---
    Race: BloodElf Class: ROGUE Spec: Subtlety Level: 120.00 Faction: Horde
    Position: Valley of the Four Winds ##376 32.77,30.50 (zone:'Valley of the Four Winds', realzone:'Valley of the Four Winds', subzone:'Kunzen Village', minimapzone:'Kunzen Village')

    --- GUIDE ---
    Guide: Farmer
    Type: TITLES Parsed: yes Fully: yes
    Startlevel: nil Endlevel: nil
    Next: nil

    --- STEP ---
    beta: false
    sticky_labels: kunzentribe,kunzenhozen
    isFocused: true
    level: 0
    condition_visible_raw: havequest(30337)
    map: Valley of the Four Winds#376 /0
    floor: 0
    current_waypoint_goal_num: 2
    zombiewalk: false
    stickies: table: 00000254E6D3D3B0,table: 00000254E6D3D270
    needsreload: false
    (incomplete, POSSIBLE, not aux)
    1. "Use the Barrel of Fireworks in your bags"
    action: use
    dirtytext: true
    prepared: true
    was_visited: false
    itemuse: true
    was_clicked: false
    item: "Barrel of Fireworks" ##79885 ZGV:GetItemInfo(79885) == Barrel of Fireworks,[Barrel of Fireworks],1,1,1,Quest,Quest,1,,135266,0,12,0,4,0
    Status: passive (not completable)
    2. "Stolen tools exploded"
    action: q
    dirtytext: true
    was_visited: false
    prepared: true
    was_clicked: false
    count: 1
    map: Valley of the Four Winds #376 /0 0.327,0.306 (no dist)
    quest: "Simian Sabotage" ##30337 goal 2: "Stolen tools exploded" - quest in log (id: not completed)
    Status: incomplete (incomplete, POSSIBLE, 0 progress, not aux, '1' WARNING)

    -- Travel Route --
    1. [2834] "Valley of the Four Winds 34,28" = Valley of the Four Winds 376 /0 34.2,28.7 [start] (closed) (context:start_start__fly_end) (tot t=0.0/0.0)
    2. [2833] "Valley of the Four Winds 32,30" = Valley of the Four Winds 376 /0 32.7,30.6 [end] (closed) (mode:fly from [2834]) (context:fly_end) [my t=2.7/2.7] (tot t=2.7/2.7) (waypt: Stolen tools exploded)