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War Campaign - The Missing Crew

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  • War Campaign - The Missing Crew

    The guide states that "A Way Home" quest in Nazjatar needs to be completed for this quest "The Missing Crew" to be available. I've gone well past the requirement but it's not available to me. According to a wowhead comment it is actually "Scouting the Pens" which opens up Nazjatar World Quests that is the prerequisite.

    --- Player information ---
    Race: BloodElf Class: HUNTER Spec: Beast Mastery Level: 120.00 Faction: Horde
    Position: Zuldazar ##862 58.44,62.92 (zone:'The Banshee's Wail', realzone:'The Banshee's Wail', subzone:'', minimapzone:'The Banshee's Wail')

    --- STEP ---
    map: Zuldazar#862 /0
    floor: 0
    current_waypoint_goal_num: 2
    needsreload: false
    isFocused: true
    level: 120
    beta: false
    (incomplete, POSSIBLE, not aux)
    1. <Talk to Dread-Admiral Tattersail>
    action: talk
    was_visited: false
    prepared: true
    npc: Dread-Admiral Tattersail
    was_clicked: false
    dirtytext: true
    npcid: 135690
    Status: passive (not completable)
    2. <Accept 'The Missing Crew'>
    action: accept
    dirtytext: true
    prepared: true
    map2: 862
    was_visited: false
    was_clicked: false
    map3: 862
    autotitle: Zuldazar/0 58.46,62.99
    map: Zuldazar #862 /0 0.5846,0.6299 (no dist)
    quest: "The Missing Crew" ##56379 (no goal) - quest not in log (id: not completed)
    Status: incomplete (incomplete, POSSIBLE, 0 progress, not aux, '1')

    EDIT: Well it's not that quest. Did the next quest "Save A Friend" and it is now available. So that one is the trigger.
    Last edited by xerty; March 19th, 2020, 07:24 PM.

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    We'll check into it.
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      Thanks :-)