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The Oracles Rep

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    The Oracles Rep

    Went to work on my Oracles rep today and Step 1 says directing to dailies. Step 51 talk about killing zepik lets you do Oacles. Step 52 has you to go enter the cave. Problm I found was that you need to pick up A Hero's Burden from Moodle first at 54.57 , 56.64 which either is not listed or is in the skipped section between steps 2 throgh 50.

    Added to our list to be looked at.
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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      To expand on this a little, When I posted, it was the first time I ever needed to kill Artruis. Aftr my return 2 days later, its not needed. However, I had no step to gt a Hero's Burden when I first opend th guide. Not sur if tht littl bit of info will help or if i just onfused it a littl more