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WoD reputation package feels a little incomplete

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    WoD reputation package feels a little incomplete

    The four reputation guides that are provided with WoD seem to fall short of what the previous guides have done. Are there plans to change the guides so that they do more than "Some quests in x area give honor"? The information that it points out about mobs that you can farm is nice but I guess I feel that their is a lack of quest guidance. In saying this I mean are there any repeatable quests that I am able to do? Is there specific quest lines that I should look for?

    All in all really pleased with what previous guides have put out but this is the first expansion that I have used these guides for at launch so I am assuming it is just growing pains?

    I'm using the Arakkoa Outcasts rep guide on the Alliance side as reference/example here. I see that step 2 tells you that completing quests in the Spires of Arak and Talador will give you rep with the faction. In that instance the easy way to do that is load up those 2 leveling guides and running thru them to make sure no quests were missed. At that point you're left with grinding mobs to raise the rep for the fastest route to exalted. There are no daily quests or anything else to help with raising your rep. So yes, the guide might actually seem like it's lacking but it's got the best (and only) way to raise your rep.
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