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    Multiple Tabs not saving settings

    I have been trying to use this functionality to keep multiple tabs loaded, up to 5. This specifically because Mechagon and Nazjatar both have different daily and WQ quides. But the tabs are not saving. I just logged in and 3 of the tabs were now showing the same guide. I am having to redo the tabs every time I log in, and it's happening on all characters that I have multiples loaded. This is a major irritation, especially when my play time is limited during the week.

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    Try doing a full guide wipe/reset.

    1. exit WoW
    2. go to the WoW/_retail_/Interface/Addons folder and delete the ZygorGuidesViewer folder
    3. go to the WoW/_retail_/WTF/Account/<your account name here>/SavedVariables folder and delete the Zygor files in there
    4. run the desktop client and install a fresh copy of the guides
    5. go back in game to test and let me know if that fixed it
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