Download Zygor’s Free Iron Horde Incursion Event Guide!

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The Iron Horde invasion has begun on the North American servers and we just sent out a major update to our guides that adds full compatibility with Patch 6.0.2. DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU’RE ON EUROPEAN SERVERS UNTIL YOUR GAME CLIENT HAS BEEN PATCHED. You will need to use the Zygor Client to update your guides or redownload and install the manual files from within the Members Area.

In addition to the guide update we’ve also added a full step by step walkthrough for the pre-Warlords of Draenor World Event “The Iron Horde Incursion” which you can play through until November 13th.  The guide will allow you to earn the following rewards and Achievements:

  • The Iron Invasion achievement
  • <Name> of the Iron Vanguard title Title
  • Iron Starlette and Bronze Whelpling battle pets

The guide can be downloaded for free either through the full or trial version of our Dailies & Events Guide. You can access it in the Guide Menu under Events / Warlords of Draenor/ Iron Horde Incursion.

- The Gear System and Talent Advisor have been temporarily disabled while we verify everything is working properly on the live servers. We will send out another update later today which will re-enable these features.
- Some npc names may not display properly and will show as something like (npc 12345). This is a known issue that we are working to fix.

Pre-Patch 6.0.2 Guide Update and Upgrade Sale

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Untitled-11Tomorrow we will see some pretty big changes to World of Warcraft when Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide hits live servers. This patch will bring the game client up to version 6 and implement numerous new changes and features including:

  • New Character Models
  • Major changes to stats, items, and classes
  • Auction Houses merged across factions
  • Toy Box added to store collectibles
  • Dungeon revamps for Blackfathom Deeps, Razorfen Downs, and Razorfen Kraul.
  • Ability to un-delete characters above level 50
  • and more…

There will also be a pre-Warlords of Draenor event in the Blasted lands called The Iron Incursion.We will be pushing an update tomorrow during WoW maintenance that will update the Guide Viewer to be compatible with the new patch. We will also be updating our gear system, talent builds, and adding a guide that covers the Iron Incursion pre-event. This will be a free update for all members including trial users.

In other news, we’ve reworked the Members Area so that you can now buy expansion upgrades separately and in any order as long as you own the base version of the Leveling Guide already. For a limited time only we’re also slashing the price on all MoP upgrades by 50%. Click here to make your purchase now.

We will send out another announcement tomorrow when the patch 6.0.2. update is available. If you have any questions please visit our Community Forums.

Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guides Updated With Skyshards!

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skyshardsYesterday we rolled out an update that added cross faction guide support, Veteran content, and Lorebooks into the leveling path.  Today, we’re pushing another big update, this time adding in a complete Skyshards guide. That’s right, this new guide will walk you step by step through collecting all 320 of the games Skyshards which will grant you numerous skill points and achievements. This is a free update for everyone who owns Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide. Simply use the Zygor Client to update your guides. If you do not own the guide yet you you can purchase now by clicking here.

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