Important Reminder For Tomorrow 8.0 Pre-Patch

by (22 hours ago).

This is one last reminder that with tomorrows pre-patch that will bring the game up to version 8.0 the Zygor Guide Viewer addon will need to be updated to be compatible with this version. However, because the pre-patch will be hitting regions at different times you will want to make sure your Zygor Guides Client settings have the proper region selected so that you receive the update at the correct time to maintain working guides.

We detailed the full instructions on how to do this over in this blog post (Important Info About The Upcoming Patch 8.0). If you’re in a region other than US or EU and will be receiving the update at an even different time you may want to disable auto updates entirely and manually update your guides when your server receives the patch.

The US patch will start rolling out during Blizzards maintenance period tomorrow.

Important Info About The Upcoming Patch 8.0

by (2 weeks ago).

We expect the upcoming pre-patch which will bring the live game up to version 8.0 to release possibly tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3rd, but most likely one of the Tuesdays after that, July 10th or 17th. While the launch of Battle for Azeroth will be the first time a major update will go live globally at the same time, this pre-patch is expected to be rolled out the traditional way, going live at different times across different regions. This can pose the problem of the addon not working if you download the updated version before your server has been updated.

In order to address this issue we’re rolling out an update to the Zygor Guides Client with a new region selector so that you don’t get the addon update before the appropriate time. The client should prompt you automatically to set your region, but you can also do it by going into the client options under Preferences. We will also be sending out a content update for Patch 8.0 for the new pre-Battle for Azeroth content Blizzard is adding.

Zygor Guides Privacy Policy Update

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In light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect in the EU we have made new changes to our Privacy Policy effective as of May 25th. The GDPR is a regulation that requires business to be transparent about data collection and usage and primarily affects European customers, but since we value all our visitors privacy these changes apply to everyone.

We have updated our Privacy Policy with clear information on what data we collect, what we use it for, how you have full control over this data, and what we do to keep your data secure and private. This is just the first step to make sure we’re in compliance with GDPR, but we’re taking additional steps to improve things even further and will be rolling out these additional changes soon. We will notify everyone again when these changes have been made.

If you have any questions please write into us using the support page or live chat.

Battle For Azeroth Guides And The State Of Beta

by (7 weeks ago).

Hey everyone! The beta for Battle for Azeroth is now underway and we’ve begun work updating the Zygor Guide Viewer addon and writing all new guides for the new content. While our goal is to have as much content ready for launch as possible we wanted to give you guys an update on the state of beta in relation to our work.

Right now the beta is in a rather rough state with many quest lines broken and preventing further progress. Normally this wouldn’t be too alarming if Blizzard was keeping to their usual five month beta period, but given the announced release window we’re looking at a shortened three month period. Since we’re not in communication with the folks over at Blizzard we have no idea how things are looking down the pipeline. It’s possible that in one of the upcoming patches they could fix a lot of things and it’ll be smooth sailing again. It’s also possible, although less likely, that they’ll delay the release of the game to allow for more testing.

Since we don’t know what the future holds we want to give everyone a heads up that if things don’t improve we may be limited as to what content we’ll be able to have ready at launch. Our hope and primary focus is to have the Leveling and end game questing content ready at the very least, but other guides may have to be written post release. We’ll keep everyone informed as this situation develops.