How To Edit Zygor’s Gear Suggestion Stat Weights

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Recently, we updated our Gear Suggestion engine to allow users to not only view the stat weights we use but tweak them as well. Here’s an overview of how this works.

Accessing Gear Scoring
You can access the stat weights from the options section under Zygor Guides Viewer / Gear Suggestions. There you should see a new section labeled Item Scoring. By default it will be set to the Clas and Spec of the character you’re currently playing but you can also edit the settings for other race/class combinations by using the drop downs.


Tweaking The Stat Weights
Below this you should see several input boxes that correspond with different stats. By default the system will display Zygor’s recommended stat weights. You can manually make changes to these values by clicking into the box and changing/adding your own numbers. There is no restriction on what scale you use but common examples include 0.00-5, 1-10, 1-35, depending on the level of control you need.



One of the most popular third party gear addons is an addon called Pawn and many websites and gamers create and share their own stat weights settings in the Pawn string format. For this reason we have included support for this format in two ways:

1. You can import Pawn strings by copy pasting them into the Import/Export box and clicking the Import box. This feature will only work if the string is formatted properly.

2. You can export your own custom builds to share with other Zygor or Pawn users by changing the stat weights and clicking the Export button.

NOTE: Changes made to the stat weights will affect what items the Zygor addon will recommend you equip as well as what items the Gear Finder will recommend for each of your slots.

Major Guide Update: Points of Interest and User Configurable Gear Scoring

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Correction from our email: The treasures and rare spawn guides are included with the purchase of ANY Zygor product, not just the Leveling and Loremaster guide.

Today we’re pushing out a huge update that adds 2 of the most requested features from the community.


Points of Interest System
First up, we’re introducing a new Points of Interest (POI) system that allows you to see important opportunities near your character. The POI’s will appear as icons that when clicked will add a sticky step to the current guide with instructions on what you must do. We’re launching this feature with support for two types of POI’s: treasures and rare spawns. We plan to add more types in the near future including battle pets and achievements.



Editable Gear Scoring
Although we provide our own default settings for our gear system, some users have requested the ability to tweak the values even further to suit their own preferences. This new update allows you to do exactly that and includes Pawn support so you can also import or export gear score strings formatted for the popular addon Pawn.

In addition to these 2 new features this update also includes dozens of new fixes and improvements. For the full changelog, see:

Recap of Major Guide Updates Since Patch 6.2

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Added the full Tanaan Jungle Level 100 Questline, and guides for 3 new garrison campaigns, 5 new sets of dailies, 27 new battle pets, 15 new mounts, 29 new achievements, and 5 new faction reputations. This includes a full guide for treasures and rare mobs for the achievements.

Click the link below for the full list of changes.

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Major Guide Update For Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire”

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We just released a new update that adds support for Patch 6.2 as well as a number of new guides to cover the new Tanaan Jungle zone content. This includes a shipyard building guide, Tanaan Jungle questline guide, new Tanaan Jungle dailies, and reworked Garrison guides for the Alliance side (Horde rework coming soon).

How To Update Your Guides: Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

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