Last Week To Take Advantage Of Zygor Elite Loyalty Discount

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On Friday, September 30th, the Loyalty Discount will be ending and will no longer be offered. This means that if you want take take advantage of this discount you should upgrade your account to Zygor Elite before the September 30th cutoff date. If you wish to sign up for Zygor Elite after September 30th you still can but you will have to do so at the retail price

What is the Loyalty Discount?
The “Loyalty Discount” only applies to customers who purchased one of our standalone guides before December 10th, 2015 when they were sold for one time fees. These customers have the option of upgrading their account to our new Zygor Elite subscription service for a discounted rate of just $4.99 per month. This will grant access to all the guides the guides for World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, including all of the new Legion expansion content.

How Do I Get The Loyalty Discount?
Only customers who purchased a standalone guide before December 10th, 2015 are offered the Loyalty Discount. If you’re eligible for the discounted rate you will see a message in the Members Area promoting the offer.

Will This Affect “Lifetime Updates”
No. This is not the same as our “Lifetime Updates” policy for standalone guides purchased during our previous one time fee model. If you purchased a standalone guide you will continue to receive updates with the exception of expansion content you don’t already own (but expansions have always required upgrade fees).


Make Travel Easier In Legion With Zygor’s Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite Guide

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If you’ve been playing through the new Legion expansion you’ve likely encountered some of the regions where the terrain is harder to navigate, especially zones like Highmountain, and Suramar. While we do our best to ensure our Travel System provides the most clear there is also a toy item called the Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite that you can obtain that will help out in some of the more trickier areas of the game. This item, which is only usable in the Broken Isles, will allow you to glide from high locations by reducing your falling seed for 60 seconds. So if you find yourself in a section of the map surround by land barriers you can use this item to soar over them as a shortcut to your next destination.

We just pushed a new update (Version: 6.0.14624) that adds a short guide for getting this toy. You can find it under the Achievements/Toys/Legion folder which means you either need to have a Zygor Elite subscription or own the standalone Achievements guide. This update also includes fixes and several more world quests, and an extension of the Suramar guides.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:



New Mythic Dungeon Guides Added for The Arcway and Court of Stars

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A new update (Version 6.0.14619) has been released that adds new guides for the mythic difficulty versions of dungeons “The Arcway” and the “Court of Stars”. This content can be found under Dungeons / Legion. We have also extended the Suramar guide with additional questing content.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:


2016 Brewfest Event Guide Now Available To Elite Members

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The 2016 version of the Brewfest event is now underway and our guides have been fully updated (Version 6.0.14611) to reflect the new changes to the quests and achievements. Elite Members can download this update at no additional cost using the Zygor Guides Client. Members who own the previous standalone version of the Dailies and Events guide also receive the update.

Not an Elite Member? Click here to signup now.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

Loyalty Offer Ending On September 30th. Don’t Miss Out!

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When Zygor Elite was first introduced late last year we knew it was a big change and that some long time users might be unsure whether to stick with the one time fee model or to switch to Elite. To make Elite more enticing (and as a way of saying thanks for past years of support) we introduced a limited time Loyalty Discount of $4.99 /per month for anyone who had purchased a standalone guide before Elite was launched. Since some users already owned all our guides and had no need for Elite yet we decided to offer the Loyalty Discount through the first month of Legion when the all guides would be getting new upgrades.

Take note: the Loyalty Discount will be ending on Friday, September 30th. If you have not yet upgraded to Elite and want to take advantage of this discount you may want to consider signing up before the September 30th cutoff. After that date the Loyalty Discount will no longer be offered and if you want to upgrade your guides you will either need to sign up for Elite at the regular price of $7.99 per month, or purchase the standalone upgrades.

This will not affect anyone who is already signed up with the Loyalty Discount. Your subscription cost will not be changing as long as you keep an active subscription.


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