Major Guide Update For Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire”

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We just released a new update that adds support for Patch 6.2 as well as a number of new guides to cover the new Tanaan Jungle zone content. This includes a shipyard building guide, Tanaan Jungle questline guide, new Tanaan Jungle dailies, and reworked Garrison guides for the Alliance side (Horde rework coming soon).

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Midsummer Fire Festival Event Guides Updated For 2015!

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The 2015 version of the Midsummer Fire Festival event is now underway and our guides have been updated to reflect the new changes to the quests and achievements. You can download this event guide for free as part of our Free Trial. Let us know what you think!

Hope you enjoy this guide update.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

Zygor’s Pre-Patch 6.2 Draenor Flying Guide

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We’re just days away from the release of Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire” which hits next Tuesday, June 23rd. One of the key highlights of this patch is that Blizzard is finally allowing flying in Draenor, but unlike past expansions where you could just go buy the flight training, you now have to earn a special achievement called “Draenor Pathfinder”. The good news is that 4 out of 5 of the needed achievements can be completed right now before the patch arrives, and better yet, all of them are covered in Zygor’s Guides.

What You Need To Do
In order to earn the “Draenor Pathfinder ” achievement you will need to first earn the following achievements:
Explore Draenor
Loremaster of Draenor
Master Treasure Hunter
Securing Draenor
Tanaan Diplomat (Coming in Patch 6.2)

In our latest release, version 12155, we have made it super easy to find these achievements. Simply open the Guide Menu and select the Suggest panel and you will find a new folder named “Draenor Pathfinder” with the 4 achievements you can work on now.


Note: You will need to own Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster Guide, Zygor’s Dailies and Events Guide, and Zygor’s Professions and Achievements Guide to complete the 4 achievements.

Preparing For Patch 6.2
The fifth and final achievement, Tanaan Diplomat, will be added to the guides after Patch 6.2 goes live. However, you can prepare for this achievement now buying building a Level 3 Trading Post in your garrison. The achievement will require you to reach Revered reputation with 3 new Tanaan Jungle factions and a Level 3 Trading Post gives you +20% reputation gains.

Extra Tips:
The “Loremaster of Draenor” achievement can be earned without the Achievements guide by completing all the zones in the Leveling Guide under “Warlords of Draenor (90-100)”.

You can also manually search for the achievements by typing in “Explore Draenor”, “Loremaster of Draenor”, “Master Treasure Hunter, and/or “Securing Draenor”.


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