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The launch of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is right around the corner, and we’re excited for you to begin using the guides we’ve been working to prepare for you. Make sure you’re ready to go on Day One by signing up for Elite.

Whether you’re with the Alliance or the Horde, every battle requires a sound plan, which is why we’ve prepared this short online guide to prepare you for what awaits in this new expansion. With our guides for Battle for Azeroth, we’ve organized things to be as clear and easy to follow as possible, but due to the non-linear nature of Battle for Azeroth, we felt it would be helpful to provide a roadmap of what to expect, in order to familiarize yourself with the general flow of Battle for Azeroth, and how to best use Zygor’s Battle for Azeroth guides for the best overall experience.

Before You Set Out On Your Journey

(Optional) Unlock Any Allied Races You Wish To Play

If you wish to play as one of the new Allied races, you will need to unlock them first, if you haven’t already. Simply search for the guide names below using the in-game guide menu and use the guide to unlock the race of your choosing.

Void Elf Race Unlock
Lightforged Draenei Race Unlock

Nightborne Race Unlock
Highmountain Tauren Race Unlock

(Note: The Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag’har Orc races will unlock once you complete your Battle for Azeroth War Campaign and become Exalted with your war campaign faction.)

How To Level From 110 to 120

01) Obtain the Heart of Azeroth

BFA Roadmap
The Heart of Azeroth is a necklace that will essentially be replacing your artifact weapons, and will instead enhance certain pieces of gear to make you more powerful.

Before you can begin exploring the new continents of Kul Tiras and Zandalar, you’ll need to earn this important piece of gear. To do that, you’ll want to start with the “Intro and Quest Zone Choice” guide. This guide will lead you through all of the Battle for Azeroth introductory questlines, help you earn your Heart of Azeroth necklace, and guide you through choosing which questing zone you’d like to begin with.

You can choose any zone you’d like to begin questing, and once you finish that zone’s Leveling guide, you will seamlessly be taken back to the “Intro and Quest Zone Choice” to choose where you’d like to go next. It’s up to you, go wherever you find most interesting!

02) Begin Questing In Kul Tiras / Zandalar

Just like in Legion, the order in which you complete the quest zones doesn’t matter, so you can quest in the place that’s most interesting to you at the time. However, if the flow of the story is important to you, this is the order that we recommend you complete the quest zones in.

Kul Tiras (Alliance)
– Tiragarde Sound
– Drustvar
– Stormsong Valley

Zandalar (Horde)
– Zuldazar
– Nazmir
– Vol’dun

War Campaign

Right away, once you arrive in either Kul Tiras or Zandalar, you’ll want to begin your War Campaign. You can use the “War Campaign” guide for this. New quests will unlock as you level your character, so you will be using this guide along with the Leveling guides during the entire leveling process. Remember, you can use the new guide tabs feature to load multiple guides at once, making this easier than ever before.

You will also use this guide once you reach level 120, as new quests continue to become available, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

What To Do When You Reach Level 120 (End Game)

01) Raise Your Reputation To Unlock World Quests

At Level 120, and once you’ve unlocked all 3 of the footholds using the War Campaign guide, you will receive a quest to unlock World Quests, which function the same as they did in Legion.

In order to complete the quest to unlock World Quests, you will need to reach “Friendly” reputation status with 3 new factions in Battle for Azeroth. If you completed all of the leveling guides before this, you’ll already have this done. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the leveling guides to increase your reputation with each faction. You can use the info below to determine which guide you need to use for each faction:


Proudmoore Admiralty Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Tiragarde Sound
Order of Embers Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Drustvar
Storm’s Wake Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Stormsong Valley


Zandalari Empire Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Zuldazar
Talanji’s Expedition Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Nazmir
The Voldunai Leveling / Battle for Azeroth / Vol’dun

After reaching Friendly status, you can turn in the quest, which will (just like Legion) give you the Flight Master’s Whistle and unlock world quests throughout all of Battle for Azeroth.

02) Complete World Quests

Now you can focus on using the Dailies / Battle for Azeroth / World Quests guides to complete world quests in Kul Tiras and Zandalar to earn gear, gain War Resources, and Artifact Power to improve your Heart of Azeroth necklace.

NOTE: At release, due to the random nature of world quests, many world quests will be covered, but some not all yet. We will continue to add more over time, until all are covered in the guides. Additionally, we will be working continuously to add guides for content that will not be covered at launch (Pets, Mounts, Achievements, etc). Stay tuned and make sure to keep your guides updated, as we’ll be updating very frequently in the days/weeks to come.

From all of us here at Zygor, we hope you have a blast playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth!

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  1. George Rodrigue

    When I go to start Zygor Guides, I get the fault,


    I can still get in after hitting update several times. For now, you are the only addon that lets us play with Zygor. Good going.

  2. Talfen

    Only criticism I have of the new guides so far is the navigation waypoints. There are waaaaaay too many “intermediate” points, like “Go Up Hill”, “Continue Along Path”, etc. They’re helpful for finding hidden routes and whatnot, but if I run past a waypoint and it doesn’t move to the next one, I have to turn around and trigger the waypoint or ignore it and make my way to the objective on my own. I’d love to see an option to disable intermediate waypoints entirely, or reprogram them to not appear if you’re past them (detect if you’re closer to the objective than the waypoint, possibly?). Other than that, no complaints. The multiple guide tabs are great! Thanks guys!

  3. Pierre

    There seems to be a problem with the BFA guide; once you decide which Loa you wish to use in Zuldazar, Zygor only takes the flying loa into account, not Gonk for ground speed; it screws up navigation. Thank you.


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