Tomb of Sargeras Wing 4 “Deceiver’s Fall” Guide Now Available

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The fourth wing (Deceiver’s Fall) of the Tomb of Sargeras raid has been unlocked today and we have sent out a new update (Ver.6.1.16442) that covers this content. You can find the guide for this under Dungeons \ Legion Raids \ Tomb of Sargeras – Deceiver’s Fall or by searching for “Tomb of Sargeras” in the keyword box.

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2 thoughts on “Tomb of Sargeras Wing 4 “Deceiver’s Fall” Guide Now Available

  1. Mike Ward

    Hi there, a few months ago I cancelled my Elite subscription and reverted back to downloading my guides and installing them manually. This worked perfectly until this week past. When I log into WoW a message pops up telling me my guide is out of date and needs to be updated and the guide itself is disabled. I downloaded the latest guide from the members section and installed it manually into my AddOns folder, restarted WoW and the same problem persists?
    Please can you help resolve this for me. Much appreciated. best regards.

    1. Zygor Post author

      We believe there might be something going wrong with your client. If you could right click the “Z” icon in your notification tray, select “Open log”, and then email support [@] the most recent file which should be version 3.2.261 that would allow us to troubleshoot and hopefully fix whatever the issue is. Thanks.


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