Battle for Azeroth Post Launch Guide Updates

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It’s been a little over a week now since our Battle for Azeroth guides launched and so far the feedback for the new guides and 7.0 features has been great. There have been some requests for some tweaks though so we wanted to provide everyone with an update on some of the key updates we’ve made since Battle for Azeroth launched.

The top concern has revolved around what we call “travel lines”. These are the extra hand holding directions that are used in the arrow (“Follow the path”) and can be displayed in the step (with a toggle). These are intended to take you on a more optimized path to reach your destination. Since people seemed to like these before this expansion we increased the amount of travel lines used in Battle for Azeroth. However, in doing so, it forced players to follow a strict path rather than offering the freedom to roam around, so we’ve begun cutting back on these and will now only use them when a special travel direction is absolutely necessary.

Also related to travel lines was the way they were displayed on the mini map. Previously, each travel line point was shown with a separate map marker. Many felt these were cluttering the mini map and making it hard to find things. An example of this can be seen below:

We’ve reworked the way the map markers work and now your plotted route will only be shown with an ant trail and only your destination will be shown with the circle map marker. We’ve also enlarged these slightly so you can still see the game icons as shown in the example below.

Here are some other noteworthy changes we’ve made:

[Progress Bar] Re-added quest based tracking.
[Share Mode] Fixed issue that was causing the feature to spam “you’re not in a party”.
[Map reveal] Added map reveal for Battle for Azeroth.
[Gear] Updated gear stat priority for all classes.
[Talent Advisor] Updated recommended Leveling talents for all classes and specs.
[Guide Menu] Zone screenshots and more added to guide menu when browsing BfA leveling guides.

This is in addition to numerous content fixes and additions we have made. As you can see we are listening very closely to all feedback so please continue to let us know what you think over on the forums. For the full list of changes please see here:


18 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Post Launch Guide Updates

  1. Tim

    First and foremost i love this guide/addon it helped me over many years.
    But i also dislike the amount of guides you add. before all was nicely put all together like the pet collect guides, but nowsome of the legion achievements are not even in, pet guides are just not there, sure you can click pets seperatly, but that is not what i like. Also, the wq guides… why not put em all together like before? I find it irritable to switch guides every 5 wq
    it feels like it is uncomplete and its been that way since legion.

  2. Carol Johnson

    I personally loved the small circles telling me exactly where to go. I pay for this for the navigation. Instead of just doing away completely with it, why not just put it as an option to click on or off? Please please please put it back. It would help immensely with WQ’s. Right now it’s just go to the one point and I’m just running into mountains and whatnot. Yes, I want my hand held, I don’t care. It’s what I pay for.

  3. Darktemper

    Much better with the small dots directing one in the right direction to the final location while travelling. The old multiple single large dots were a pain for if you did not go over one the arrow would keep trying to send you back to the last dot you did not pass over. GJ

  4. Shawn

    I kinda liked the many markers. Because now I can be headed in the right direction, and because I didn’t hit the marker exactly, it doesn’t update that I am still heading in the right position. It’s not a big deal but it’s annoying and I didn’t have it before because the extra markers allowed it to update. I would love if you brought it back, just make the icons on the minimap something else..

  5. Palanthis

    Please, please, please! Let us turn them off completely. Just like world quests in Legion with navigation system unchecked. Just throw a single dot where we need to end up and and arrow that points there. If we need special instructions, we can turn them on ourselves for just that bit.

  6. Christine Miller

    On the old maps (which it still does for my current younger (before BfA) chars the flight paths light up telling you what the next flight path is. On the BfA maps it doesn’t do that I have to search is there a fix for this?

  7. Felix Slezak

    I play WOW and use Zygor from the very beginning. Both are brilliant programs and have given me (and undoubtely will give me in the future) hours of excellent, funny, interesting, addictive game-playing. The Zygor-team delivers very good work and the little problems I have had with my subscription were solved very quick and without any troubles.
    My compliments and keep up the good and excellent work !!!!

    1. Michael Minier

      I subscribed as well pretty much for this feature. As a tank I figured this would help me greatly. I’m unsure about continuing my subscription without this feature honestly.

      1. Justin Tara

        It works in certain ones but not most, I know the issue has something to do with the way Blizz implements the maps for the dungeons into the game and how they are “zoned”. What I mean is when your in a normal area you can open the map and see your character and what his coordinates are and then move your cursor and see the coordinates for that, that’s how the navigation arrow works are off of coordinates. However, when you enter a dungeon or an instanced area you don’t always get that so the game doesn’t report any trackable data for your location thus making it impossible for the navigation system to work. The same thing happened when Legion first came out where most of them didn’t work right away and what they did was make invisible overlays of each dungeon map that would load when you entered that instance and effectively create their own coordinates manually. After that it started working fine, I would expect to see the same thing with BFA very soon. As someone who plays mostly tank on all my toons, I feel your aggravation 100%.

  8. Dan

    It just shows just how much the guys at Zygor listen to us and want to produce the best tool they can. Other creators wouldn’t even consider issues from fans and you guys appear to read every forum post, then aim to fix the issues. This travel line and map marker issue was so frustrating, but I knew that I you guys would fix it ASAP and to little surprise, you have!
    Truly first class customer service! Keep up the exceptional work!

  9. Dracornis

    My problem still stands sadly 🙁
    I can’t disable chat messages…
    Tried talking to support, tried switching it on and off again..
    Last time I checked 8 hours ago the problem still stood.
    Hope you can fix it in the long run too 🙂


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