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New Pets Coming To Zygor’s Pets & Mounts Guide

by (6 years ago).

Here’s a look at some of the new battle pets being added to our Pet’s and Mounts guide in the upcoming Patch 5.4 update.


There are four new pets you can get as pet tournament rewards in the Timeless Isle. They include:


There are also 2 other new pets which include:

  • Moon Moon, which is a drop from the new Darkmoon Faire boss, Moonfang.
  • Rascal-Bot, which is the mascot of J.J. Abrams production company Bad Robot. This pet can be crafted by Engineers.

It’s rumored that the mechanical pet Pierre, who can double as a cooking fire, may be returning as well.

Stay tuned to the Zygor Community Blog for more info on the new content you can expect in our Patch 5.4 update.