Celebrate WoW’s Epic 19-Year Anniversary & Pilgrim’s Bounty with Zygor!

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Hey, Zygor community!

It’s a landmark moment as we celebrate 19 incredible years of World of Warcraft, alongside another anticipated Pilgrim’s Bounty event and Zygor is all prepped to steer you right!

WoW’s 19th Anniversary (Nov 16 – Dec 7)

This year, it’s all about grabbing that new Azure Worldchiller Mount and the Lil’ Frostwing Battle Pet. Our guide is streamlined and ready, ensuring you snag these rewards without a hitch. Just follow along and enjoy the celebration!

Pilgrim’s Bounty (Nov 19 – 26)

For this event, we’re sticking with what works. Zygor will lead you through the familiar dailies, quests, and achievements. It’s the same great content, and we help make it a breeze! As always, if we find any updates needed, we’ll adjust this guide accordingly.

Zygor’s Got You Covered!

Whether it’s yearly events or new adventures, our guides have got you covered. We keep things simple and effective, so you can focus on enjoying the game.

Let’s dive into these events and celebrate 19 years of WoW adventures together with Zygor!

6 thoughts on “Celebrate WoW’s Epic 19-Year Anniversary & Pilgrim’s Bounty with Zygor!

  1. MikeyKJr

    The event has started but the guide for WOTLK is still wrong. Commoner you accept ‘A Desperate Alliance and have to travel to Shattrath first. I’m so confused.

  2. Kristi Lee Coleman

    This sounds awesome! I have been a long time user of Zygor guides, long before the subscription model when I paid outright for all the guides. Wish it would go back to that type of model, but still enjoying the prodoct. Thanks for always doing an awesome job, guys 🙂


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