Zygor’s Season of Discovery Guide: Level Up and Explore with Confidence

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Hello, Zygor Community!

We’re thrilled to announce our updates for World of Warcraft: Classic’s Season of Discovery. Here’s what’s being added:

Leveling Guides

Achieve levels 25, 40, 50, and 60 in each phase with our in-depth guides.

Class Runes

Zygor will show you exactly where to find all the runes for each class and how to unlock them.

End Game Quest Guides

Navigate the new end-game content with ease using our guides.

Stay Updated

Due to there being no PTR for Season of Discovery, our guides are a work in progress. Keep an eye on our release notes for the latest updates and enhancements.

Dive into the new season with Zygor’s guides leading the way!

12 thoughts on “Zygor’s Season of Discovery Guide: Level Up and Explore with Confidence

  1. Thomas Andrew Flynn

    Ive been using Zygor for along time. PLaying as a warrior in seasons right now. Good guide as usual so far but the talent advisor is not working as it not setup for SOD yet. Hoping this is fixed soon as there are many places to find good trees from.

  2. Debra

    Just an FYI, I was considering getting elite membership, but the starter guide is so glitchy that I can’t justify spending the money. I’m a warrior and it wants me to swap a lvl 35 armor piece mail for a level15 cloth piece. It is constantly telling me I have an upgrade when I don’t and it has errors in the talent tree and can’t make suggestions. Fix those issue and maybe then I will upgrade my membership.

  3. nay717

    Very disappointed to not find the very first warrior rune not listed in the warrior rune guide: Victory Rush. It was a pain to figure out and I had to go to wowhead. If it was included in the reg leveling section for Orc starter I never saw it and went to the Rune guide for warrior and it was not listed there either.

  4. Viktor

    It would be great if you could implement more runes into starter guides.
    There is already for example first rune (at least for a druid) included in the starter guide, but as you continue further, no other rune pops up in the guide, even though some are right there where the guide takes me to quest. So I need to keep checking whether some obtainable rune is close to me which I would expect from a paid addon…

  5. Joe

    Hi there. I just love your guides. Takes the pain out of grind. With SoD released, how can I get it to load in game? Or is it just online, and if so, where do I find it?

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

  6. Zenith of Chaos

    I know many, including myself, wanted your guide for SoD right away, but this is amazing turnaround time in my opinion. It’s been out for 9 days, and you guys have dropped a ton of updates. Great work.


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