Zygor’s WotLK Classic Guide Launch Announcement

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Zygor’s Wrath of the Lich King Classic Day One Content:

  • New 55-58 Death Knight Starter Guides
  • All new 70-80 guides for the 8 huge new zones in Northrend
  • WotLK Dungeon Quest guides
  • Profession Dailies Guides for Jewelcrafting, Cooking, Fishing
  • Faction Dailies including Frenzyheart Tribe and Oracles
  • Northrend Dailies for Grizzly Hills, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown
  • New Farming and Gold Guides for new WotLK items
  • Expanded Professions Guides and Argent Tournament coming soon after launch

Sign up for Zygor Elite and gain access to the pre-patch version of these guides NOW which includes the new Death Knight Starter guides and Inscription profession guide.

Zygor’s Wrath of the Lich King Classic Guides will be available for download on September 23rd.

6 thoughts on “Zygor’s WotLK Classic Guide Launch Announcement

  1. D

    That’s quite a bit of guide content considering the amount of time you folks have had since beta released. I do hope we can see achievement guides roll out in the coming months.

  2. Tom

    And still nothing in regards to achievement guides. I would wager a guess nearly all of the classic users of zygor would like to see this added. Especially for things like Loremaster.

  3. Kurllkrum

    Will this include any kind of fast track to friendly reputation needed for tabard for those of us spamming or soloing dungeons. Wrathgate questline for Wrymquest and Shadowvault for Ebon Blade should be straightforward enough, but Kirin Tor is spread all over, and Argent Crusade has a few options iirc.

  4. Aleister

    I love Zygor Elite! I’ve been a subscriber for a while (even when I take a break from WoW lol)

    I see you wrote:
    “All new 70-80 guides for the 10 huge new zones in Outland”

    What are the 10 huge new zones in Outland? I’m not familiar with that.


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