Zygor’s WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Update Now Available

by (3 months ago).

The guide update for WoTLK: Classic pre-patch is now available to all Zygor Elite customers via the Zygor Guides client. Key updates include:

  • Death Knight Starter Guide
  • Inscription 1-375 Profession Guide
  • Talent Advisor updates
  • New Stormwind map update support
  • The 1-60 guides have been modified to reflect some of the changes in WotLK, but we also have a more extensive overhaul in the works

14 thoughts on “Zygor’s WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Update Now Available

    1. Zygor Post author

      We do have guides for all professions for the content currently available on the live servers. If you’re referring to Inscription being listed by itself, that’s because it’s new, and so far it’s the only profession that was updated beyond 375 in the pre-patch. The rest will be updated when Wrath of the Lich King Classic fully launches next week. We will have another update between now and then that updates the remaining professions.

  1. KoreKode

    im having issues with the leveling 1-60 right now. Everytime I go to start a new area like duskwood, Zygor will tell me to grab quests that arn’t at the quest giver or I have another quest I need to complete from that NPC before I get the quest it’s asking me to grab.

    This is especially annoying when the guide is asking me to travel to multiple NPCs for quests and sometimes more then 1 won’t have the quests and I’m stuck feeling like i’ve missed something. I am alway’s the appropriate level when loading the guides. I miss when the guide was just one big 1-60 guide. Not this chopped up to zones guides like it is now where its 1 to 3 levels per guide and it has you all over the place. it feels klunky needing to load new guides so often just to find out your missing steps and you don’t even know why.

  2. Jack

    I’d also really like if you could add guides for achievements.
    It’s always a fun side-task to farm some of the achievements and zygor is pretty useful for that at least on retail.


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