Important Info About The Upcoming Patch 8.0

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We expect the upcoming pre-patch which will bring the live game up to version 8.0 to release possibly tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3rd, but most likely one of the Tuesdays after that, July 10th or 17th. While the launch of Battle for Azeroth will be the first time a major update will go live globally at the same time, this pre-patch is expected to be rolled out the traditional way, going live at different times across different regions. This can pose the problem of the addon not working if you download the updated version before your server has been updated.

In order to address this issue we’re rolling out an update to the Zygor Guides Client with a new region selector so that you don’t get the addon update before the appropriate time. The client should prompt you automatically to set your region, but you can also do it by going into the client options under Preferences. We will also be sending out a content update for Patch 8.0 for the new pre-Battle for Azeroth content Blizzard is adding.

8 thoughts on “Important Info About The Upcoming Patch 8.0

  1. Juraa

    Today is July 28 – any chance you will fix this?? I’ve opened a ticket – uninstalled the client, reinstalled, verified that the ZygorGuidesViewer is in my addons folder and yet the guide doesn’t show up ingame. Guide stopped working the day the embassy showed up in Org. (Just for the record, no addons were showing up the first day that 8.0 went live – I’ve had to reinstall them on my twitch and update them and now they show up).

  2. fr0z3night

    are you going to be matching your guides version with the game version, skipping 7 and going to 8.0.0.[guiideversion] along with the new expansion 😛


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